29 seconds ago

    Test Purchase: “Retail prices have not fallen since lockdown, some products up to 10 percent”

    “Since the beginning of March, we have been investigating the price evolution for 267 products in 9 supermarket chains. According…
    10 mins ago

    Do you always think it smells so good after a summer rain shower? This is where it comes through

    Rain may not always be nice in the summer, but when the rain is over, it sometimes leaves such a…
    30 mins ago

    prices and equipment in detail

    Pending the arrival of the plug-in version, scheduled for 2021, Hyundai has just lifted the veil on the prices of…
    40 mins ago

    The party or the door for a 50-year-old PSG

    Find the last four of the Champions League to celebrate its 50th anniversary: ​​three matches from an unprecedented European coronation,…
    50 mins ago

    Facebook wants to protect the democratic process

    News sites created by political organizations will no longer enjoy the same privileges as independent media. This is the announcement,…



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