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10 cities and their districts: where in Germany it is worth moving

Constantly rising rents, high real estate prices and limited living space: This has been the development of the real estate market in German metropolises for several years, reports the Stepstone job platform. But what does the future look like? Due to the corona pandemic, more and more people are working from home and no longer necessarily have to live close to their workplace.

Therefore a life in the country could come more into focus. But the question of where you live is often not just a question of personal preference, but also of costs. Is it financially worth moving to the country? Or is it a fallacy that life in the country is so much cheaper than in the city?

Stepstone has analyzed the average salaries and cost of living in the ten largest cities in Germany and compared them with those of the surrounding districts. The analysis is based on 128,000 salary data as well as rental costs and other living costs for transport, food and leisure activities in a total of 395 urban and rural districts.

10 cities and their districts: where in Germany a move is financially worthwhile


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