10 games you probably missed in 2020

Larry Laffer explores islands, a monster frees himself from the laboratory and alpacas play soccer – these 10 games should be made up for.

There are not only the big blockbuster games, but also many smaller and medium-sized indie games see the light of day every month. You can overlook one thing or the other. Don’t worry, we looked at some really great games.

Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Dry Twice (PC)

I know successors to Leisure Suite Larry have been bad to disastrous so far. That’s why “Leisure Suit Larry – Wet Dreams Don’t Dry” 2018 was an absolute surprise. The Hamburg studio Assemble Entertainment has given the dusty series a new look and, above all, catapulted it into the 21st century in terms of content.

Of course, the “hihi penis” humor is not missing in the second part, which appeared this year, and one is often a bit ashamed of being a stranger. But that’s exactly what you want when you buy a Larry game. The second part of the new edition is like the first a good package of jokes and classic point-and-click puzzles. Above all, the well thought-out design and the good German speakers ensure that this is not a bad buy.

Leisure Suit Larry – Wet Dreams Dry Twice costs just under 35 euros on Steam.

Hades (PC, Nintendo Switch)

It is finished! After 2 years as an early access game, players can now play the full version of the Rougelike. You slip into the skin of Zagreus, the son of Hades, who fights his way from the underworld to Olympus. The hack-and-slash is reminiscent of dungeon crawlers like Diablo in a beautiful, colorful comic look.

With gifts from the gods of Olympus, you make Zegreus stronger and stronger and cut your way through hectic fights piece by piece – until you die, lose everything and then have to start all over again. And you do it over and over and over again because it is addicting and always offers fun and variety. So you will always find new skills that can be combined differently in each round.

Hades costs just under 20 euros on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Spelunky 2 (PC, PS4)

While we’re at roguelike, let’s continue with the sequel to one of the most successful games in the genre: Spelunky 2. Once again you go deep underground, collect items, a life-giving pug and lots of gold.

But don’t be fooled by the cute comic look. Spelunky 2 is something for sadists for whom many roguelikes are too lax and who have already played through Dark Souls 10 times. Every tiny mistake ends in certain death and you start from 0. The end lurks everywhere in the form of cute animals, lava, ghosts and spikes – sometimes all at the same time. Anyone who hates contemplative evenings will have fun here, even with up to 3 colleagues.

Spelunky 2 costs around 17 euros on Steam and 20 euros for PS4.

Welcome to Elk (PC, Xbox One)

Those who are not afraid of heavy fare can try the narrative adventure Welcome to Elk. Be warned, however, that issues such as abuse and murder are dealt with here. The heroine Frigg comes to a tranquil island, where she can talk to the residents and play mini-games.

The game is repeatedly interrupted by video interviews in which people tell stories that are true, but anonymized as much as possible. The stories are tragic and oppressive and stand in contrast to the colorful and happy game world. It’s a tightrope walk between entertainment and tragic narration that has never been seen before in a game.

Welcome to Elk costs 12.49 euros on Steam and 15 euros for Xbox One, click here for the trailer.

Triple topping games

Welcome to Elk

There is no game: Wrong Dimension (PC, iOS)

Anyone who loves classic Lucas Arts Adventures will be delighted with this point & click. With There is no Game you first have to convince the game that there is a game and that you want to play it now. Once you’ve cleared this first hurdle, a series of puzzles and mini-games await that can only be described as insane.

If you love the absurd humor of Maniac Masion and Monkey Island, you’ve come to the right place – revealing more would destroy the gaming experience.

There is no game: Wrong Dimension costs 13 euros on Steam and 5.49 euros for iOS. An Android version is in the works, you can at least watch the very first “Jam Edition” from 2015 for free.

Yes, Your Grace (PC)

To be king once, that would be it. Sitting on the throne, being served and just doing what a king does. With Yes, Your Grace you can do that and you realize very quickly how grueling it is to constantly settle quarrels, condemn people, hold the siege of the castle, take care of the subjects and make the princesses happy.

As the head of the country you have to manage your empire in this role-playing game and make decisions that fundamentally influence the course of history. It’s very well written and management is a challenge because you can’t make everyone happy.

Yes, Your Grace costs 17 euros on Steam and is included in the Xbox Game Pass. For the Nintendo Switch it costs just under 17 euros, for Xbox One and Series X / S 20 euros.

Alpaca Ball: Allstars (PC, Nintendo Switch)

The Austrian studio Salt Castle Games landed a real hit with their soccer-playing alpacas. I have to laugh again every time the animals wiggle their necks across the playing field.

The arcade game is of course especially fun when playing together. The principle of shooting a ball into a goal and then being happy has been tried and tested for many decades and found to be good. Works here too, just with funny alpacas.

Alpaca Ball: Allstars costs 20 euros on Steam and for Nintendo Switch.

Still There (PC, Nintendo Switch)

The mysterious scifi point & click adventure tells the story of the astronaut Karl. He lives in isolation in a space lighthouse. He has to maintain it. He scans radio broadcasts every day and suddenly receives an unusual signal.

The puzzles are very demanding as you have to constantly look at the manual of the space station in order to solve them. Only an AI comes to the rescue. But still There is actually about parting, loss and grief, which are very well woven into the well-designed narrative.

Still There costs 12.49 euros on Steam and 15 euros for Nintendo Switch.

Carrion (PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One)

Here you don’t hunt the monster, here you are the monster. Carrion is a “reversed horrogame” in which the tables are turned. You can break out of the laboratory yourself and hunt down your tormentors.

The red blob that is used to glib through the corridors can be improved with upgrades, learn new skills and grow. What looks like a classic 2D platformer has very unusual dynamics as the amorphous creature’s movement is new and innovative. So you nibble your way through scientists and security staff for three to four hours, explore the laboratory and solve puzzles.

Carrion (you can see the trailer here) costs 20 euros on Steam, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One (the game is included in the Xbox Game Pass).

Phobia Game Studio


The Procession to Calvary (PC, iOS, Android)

The small, fine adventure looks like a Renaissance painting and squints with one eye at Monty Python. The absurd point & click shines above all with its animations and entertaining puzzles.

With just under 2 hours of playtime, you can have a nice evening with it. It works particularly well on the tablet. If you haven’t played the predecessor “Four Last Things” you can catch up on it right away, because that’s just as good.

The Procession to Calvary costs 9 euros on Steam, 4.49 euros for iOS and Android.


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