10 million euros in damage old and new | Tattoos are just as difficult | And what will happen to the oil price?

Didn’t work well, that fireworks ban. Disobedient people that we are. And all those arrows, strings and bombs caused considerable damage. From car fires to house fires. The Dutch Association of Insurers has made an initial estimate of the damage caused by the turn of the year. 10 million ekkies!!!

The countries affiliated to the oil cartel OPEC and its allies, including Russia, meet again for a meeting. The last one was a month ago. Then, despite the uncertainty about the impact of the omikron variant on global oil demand, it was decided to increase oil production. Prices then dropped.

A birthday party where all the popular people have canceled. That is CES technology fair this year. And then the event has also been shortened by one day. Yet there are still 2200 exhibitors, including Sony, LG and Samsung. The press can take a look today, it’s the turn of the plebs tomorrow.

Tattoo ink containing the disinfectant isopropanol is banned in the EU from today. Well, you probably think. If you want a black and white tattoo there is nothing to worry about, just colored ink without isopropanol is not yet available. In addition, the new ink is more expensive and some angry tattooists claim that there is a slight color difference, which you see if your old picture was unfinished.

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This piece was this most shared yesterday: The labor market is tight, and there is a crying shortage of people in many sectors. You would think that you could see that reflected in your salary. But unfortunately: on your salary slip at the end of this month you will probably see little difference with last year.

We think you should also read this: Life in Turkey is becoming more expensive at an unprecedented rate. In one year, the costs of services and products rose by an average of no less than 36 percent.

And this you may have missed last night: A milestone! Apple was the first company in the world to be briefly worth $3 trillion on the stock exchange. This happened when the share price reached $182.86. Though it was short-lived.

This could come along at the coffee machine:

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