10% more range: Tesla supplier Michelin with special tires for fast electric cars

Many of Tesla’s – and other manufacturers’ – electric cars are now factory-fitted with Michelin tires. And there could be even more in the future, because the French tire giant has presented an interesting new product especially for sporty electric cars. The Pilot Sport EV is supposed to combine four specialties: always good grip despite the electrotypically higher vehicle weight, little wear and tear when accelerating, low rolling resistance and therefore more range and finally 20 percent less road noise.

10% more electric car range

This is, so to speak, the sacred fourfold of a tire. Michelin did not provide any information about the price. If the Pilot Sport EV comes as original equipment from Tesla and others, this initially only plays a role in negotiations with the manufacturers. In China, the tire is already available, Michelin informs, with electric cars for Europe and North America it should be available from the third quarter of this year.

The low wear and tear promised by Michelin for the electric car tire reduces the cost per kilometer. With a view to the power requirement, this also applies to the low rolling resistance. And always interesting with electric cars: According to the manufacturer, it provides 10 percent more range.

Tire tests probably not with Tesla

This was found in tests of the dimension 255/45 R19: The range of an unnamed electric car increased from 540 kilometers to 600 kilometers with the new special tires. It should not have been a Tesla, however, because the weight of the test vehicle is given as 2151 kilograms. This roughly corresponds to the Tesla Model S, but its range was much higher even in the performance version at 639 kilometers even before the refresh at the end of January.

Nevertheless, a Tesla could also benefit from the special electric car tire. This also applies to road noises: According to Michelin with the Pilot Sport EV, occupants can hear 20 percent less of this, thanks to a special polyurethane foam inside the tire.


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