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These are the best head torches

Whether it’s a flat tire or an engine compartment check – a headlamp brings light into the dark and ensures that your hands remain free. Ten models from 15 to 160 euros in the test!

It feels like breakdowns usually happen at night – and usually not under street lights. It’s more where the fox and the rabbit say goodnight. Anyone who has to change a tire without a light is in the dark. Our tip for the dim season: one practical headlamp as an alternative to the classic flashlight put in the car. The advantage of a headlamp: you always have your hands free. AUTO BILD and BIKE BILD tested ten models.

# Headlamps put to the test to offer


Price *: 59.95 euros

Test result: very good



Price *: 66.00 euros

Test result: very good



Price *: 54.90 euros

Test result: good



Price *: 59.90 euros

Test result: good



Price *: 160.00 euros

Test result: good



Price *: 44.95 euros

Test result: good



Price *: 39.95 euros

Test result: good



Price *: 55.00 euros

Test result: good



Price *: 24.95 euros

Test result: good



Price *: 14.99 euros

Test result: satisfactory

* Purchase price of the test product

Headlamp test: good lamps can do that

When it comes to headlamps, the test is not just about brightness. Of course, you need enough light to be able to work in the engine compartment. But other factors also count: How does the lamp wear? How long does it last? In addition, it should hardly take up space, weigh little – and ideally not cost a fortune. Another important point is water resistance. Four models are only splash-proof. Heavy rain can lead to a defect. We recommend lamps with rechargeable NiMH batteries. In fact preferably a model with a USB connection. This can be charged directly in the car using a USB socket or a 12-volt adapter. Attention, batteries are wearing parts. The battery cannot be changed in five of the models tested. So sooner or later these lamps will be electronic waste. The lupine has a good approach here. The manufacturer advertises that every component, including the battery, can be replaced. In addition to their function as breakdown assistance, the small headlights are also perfect outdoor companions.

Conclusion on the headlamp test: With a good headlamp you have everything in view and under control. The great advantages of a headlight are the free hands and the good illumination, which make repairs to the car in the dark much easier.

The best headlamp: Knog Bilby 400

The Knog Bilby 400 has a band made of medical silicone with a removable lamp. It is charged directly at the USB port without a cable. At the top are two buttons. One is for the mode, there are four, the other for the brightness level. The boost mode is extremely bright, the white reading mode is perfect so as not to dazzle others. For a quick wheel change or a small repair in the engine compartment, we recommend the wide beam of light. Test victory!

AUTO BILD test grade

  • Broad cone of light
  • Long battery life
  • Waterproof


How AUTO BILD and BIKE BILD tested it

Screwdrivers and breakdown helpers want handy, lightweight headlamps. Accordingly, we only included small models in the test and also rated the weight. 40 grams gave ten points, 140 grams five points. Another important aspect is wearing comfort. Here, for example, there was a deduction if the lamp pressed lightly, sat a little unstable on the head when moving or if it blinded us while we were being carried. Of course, the brightness was also rated – and at the highest permanent level. Above all, it is important how broad, bright and far it can shine. In terms of runtime, we tested how long the lamps can last at room temperature at room temperature. Three hours gave ten points, one hour six points. However, it is not only the running times of the high levels that are important, but also those of the low levels. If the lowest usable level lasts less than 20 hours, two points were deducted. The evaluation point functionality summarizes some criteria. Two points were deducted if the lamp was not waterproof. Another point was deducted for a missing bright or a missing weak brightness level. If the inclination of the lamps cannot be continuously adjusted, we have again deducted a point. A missing USB charging socket meant two points minus. On the other hand, we also rewarded adjustable light cones using the slewing ring with a bonus point.

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