100 horsepower for a Renault Twizy

In progress, the transformation of this Renault Twizy exploits elements usually mounted on plug-in hybrid cars.

Based in Bristol, Great Britain, Zero EV specializes in the sale of new and used parts for electric vehicles. On demand, or for fun, the company improves the performance of trendy cars and converts thermal models.

Sometimes Chris Hazell enjoys pursuing improbable projects. So with the retrofit of a Nissan Skyline R32 which received elements from Tesla and Chevy Volt.

His attention is now focused on the heavy quadricycle of the Losange: The Twizy 80. ” This thing is going to go crazy! Will it push very hard on the wheels? Will he be able to make drifts? On the contrary, will it turn around? “, Tries to imagine the founder of Zero EV.

The Twizy’s powertrain will be completely replaced. The usual 6.1 kWh lithium-ion battery with energy capacity will give way to a 8.7 kWh GTE Golf package that the young British driver opens in the first video. This allows us to discover 8 elements associated in pairs

What gain more than 40% on the autonomy of about 80 kilometers that it is possible to pull from the machine in its original configuration? It’s unlikely ! Why ? Because the original electric motor, 17 horsepower (12.5 kW) of power and developing 57 Nm of maximum torque, will be replaced with the one mounted on the back of a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (95 horsepower, or 70 kW – 195 Nm). And Chris Hazell has no intention of quietly driving his quadricycle when it is transformed!


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