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10,000 steps obsession? ‘7500 steps a day healthier’

You actually want to go to sleep, but because the meter on your wrist indicates that you have not yet taken 10,000 steps, you walk some extra rounds through the living room. Is that recognizable to you? Then the pedometer may have become an obsession.

According to researchers at Harvard Medical School, taking 10K steps in one day has become an unhealthy activity for more and more people. British media write that. In addition, as the WHO prescribes, those 10,000 steps a day are debatable, the researchers say.

7500 steps

According to the study of 20,000 women, taking 4,400 steps is enough. At this number, the death rate drops by 41 percent. The figure improved to 7,500 steps and then declined.

Sitting less in a day already helps a lot more, and an extra five minutes of walking a day can already make a difference, the researchers say.

10,000 steps obsession? '7500 steps a day healthier'


David Stensel, professor at Loughborough University, says that “the Fitbits of this world” can really get you in the grip. “By tracking, you become addicted to movement,” he says The Daily Mail. According to him, that also has disadvantages. “Avid users become lonely people, they become estranged from friends and family.”

And not only achieving those 10,000 steps is addictive, many users post their performance online and compare it to others. The “medals” that, for example, the AppleWatch distributes to avid athletes at every new border reached, can also be addictive.

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10,000 steps obsession? “7500 steps a day healthier”


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