10,000 superchargers per year: Tesla plans to start production in China in February

There should be at least one million public electric car charging points in Germany by 2030, the federal government stipulates in its charging infrastructure master plan, and together with it introduced new subsidies this June. By German standards, the plan may be ambitious, but in China you should smile about it: There the leading platform State Grid Corporation alone wants to have one million charging stations by the end of this year. And Tesla also apparently has quite a bit of charging infrastructure planned in Tesla: According to a report, local production of 10,000 superchargers per year is planned.

Supercharger factory near Gigafactory

So far, Tesla has been producing its red and white supercharger columns with outputs of up to 150 kilowatts in the second generation and up to 250 kilowatts in the current third in its lesser-known Gigafactory in the US state of New York. From there, like the electric cars from the Fremont plant in California, they are shipped to other markets. As a result, for example, Europe had to wait a relatively long time for the new V3 generation because production in the supercharger (and photovoltaic) factory was interrupted in the spring due to the coronavirus pandemic.

China has also got its superchargers from the USA so far, as a Twitter user checked on Wednesday. The reason for this was a report from the news agency Reuters: Tesla had notified the authorities to start a supercharger production near its electric car gigafactory in Shanghai. The new factory is slated to invest $ 6.4 million so that it can start production in February. A capacity of 10,000 China superchargers per year is planned.

Tesla’s charging network is growing by 50 percent

Measured against the million other charging points at State Grid in the vast country, that doesn’t sound like much. But on the one hand, Tesla’s superchargers are all very fast with direct current charges. On the other hand, the Supercharger network currently only comprises 20,000 charging points worldwide, as Tesla recently announced. 10,000 more of them in one year would mean an expansion of the network by 50 percent with Chinese devices alone.

Of course, it is not clear whether all of the new production in China is intended for the country itself – if not, Tesla owners in Europe in particular should be happy. Most recently, the V3 expansion had already got underway in Germany and Europe, and it continued at a faster pace in the USA. That should mean that before the start of the new Supercharger production in China, the previous one in New York was increased.


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