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100,000 dead in the United States, emergency in Brazil

While the country of Donald Trump has crossed the 100,000 mark, Brazil today has 25,000, for a total of 350,000 worldwide. The terrible toll of the coronavirus crosses threshold after threshold, and yet deconfinement advances.

While the country of Donald Trump has crossed the 100,000 mark, Brazil today has 25,000, for a total of 350,000 worldwide. The terrible toll of the coronavirus crosses threshold after threshold, and yet deconfinement advances.

(AFP) – Aux United States, the symbolic mark of 100,000 deaths was crossed Tuesday, according to the count of Johns Hopkins University. This identifies nearly 1.7 million cases of the disease in the country (covid-19). Mortality especially hit theNew York State, the second most populous in the country, with a third of the country’s deaths. Its governor Andrew Cuomo appealed for help from the federal state. “We are talking about people’s lives here. We are talking about states and neighbors that need real help, ”he said to the press on Wednesday. “Even now, with 100,000 dead in our country, are you going to play political politics?” He launched, referring to the tensions between elected Democrats like him and the Republican majority in the Congress of Washington.

But the world’s leading power is progressing towards a return to normal economic activity. For example, Las Vegas casinos will be allowed to reopen on Wednesday. “We invite visitors from all over the country to come here (…) I don’t think you will find a safer place than Las Vegas June 4, “said Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak. The American capital Washington begins its deconfinement as of Friday, by reopening among others the hairdressing salons and restaurant terraces. Mayor Muriel Bowser wants those affected to be precisely identified and isolated, and “it’s by tracking that we can do it,” she insisted.

Another 1,000 dead in Brazil

At Brazil, the urgency remains the same: trying to control the pandemic, which the South American giant has not been able to do so far. The country surpassed Wednesday for the fifth time 1,000 dead in one day (1,086 Wednesday). “We are particularly concerned because the number of new cases identified last week in Brazil is the highest in seven days since the start of the pandemic,” said Tuesday the director of the Pan American Health Organization, Carissa Etienne. The total more than doubled in less than two weeks.

Yet theState of Sao Paulo, lung of the Brazilian economy, announced “the reasoned resumption of certain economic activities” from Monday. Hospitals in this state are currently dangerously close to saturation, but this restart will be refined according to the health situation of each municipality. The Peru The neighbor, among other hard-hit Latin American countries, broke its death record (195) on Wednesday.

StopCovid to trace the epidemic in France

Moscow will come out from Monday of the strict confinement in force since the end of March. “Difficult decision,” said Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, who said he was aware of the impatience of the residents, confined to a very small area for two months. The Belgium announced that it would reopen its nursery schools on Tuesday, after welcoming older students from priority classes. Yes Israel reopened its restaurants and bars on Wednesday, customers were still scarce. “The boulevard is starting to come back to life,” wanted to believe Shamir Aloni, owner of the Rothschild Bar, in the center of Tel Aviv. “I am optimistic and people will come back,” said Yehoudit Yehezkieli, head of a Kurdish restaurant in Jerusalem.

European countries are gradually adopting the most sophisticated tools for tracing of the epidemic. In France, parliamentarians voted Wednesday evening in favor of the smartphone application StopCovid. It must alert its users who have had “prolonged contact” with a person tested positive, so that they get tested too. A system restoring recent contacts of patients was launched Thursday in England, after’North Ireland. Some 25,000 people, “tracers”, were hired to find the contacts of 10,000 patients a day. It is “the tool that other countries have used to open the prison” of containment, argued British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Recovery plan

The European Commission for its part unveiled an exceptional recovery plan for 750 billion euros, the largest ever targeted by the 27. However, the terms will have to be negotiated: some governments want state subsidies, others only loans to repay. The aim is “that the next generation in Europe will reap the benefits tomorrow”, promised Ursula von der Leyen in a speech to the European Parliament. The first beneficiaries would be two countries particularly in mourning by the pandemic, and with poor public finances, Italy and Spain.

Elsewhere in the world, the controversy surrounding hydroxycholoroquine keep on going. Two African countries, Senegal and Chad, said they would continue to use it, despite a study that found it to be ineffective. Algeria and Brazil are on the same line. The World Health Organization, which advises against this treatment, launched its foundation to help it attract private funding. Among the funds paid into its budget by member states, “more than 80% are voluntary contributions, which are generally allocated to specific programs,” said Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.


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