11 batteries put to the test: the inexpensive alternatives to branded products

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When the batteries of lamps, remote controls or smoke alarms are empty again, consumers do not necessarily have to dig deep into their pockets. As a battery test by the technology portal “Techbook” has shown, branded batteries are not necessarily better than cheaper no-name products. On the contrary: all eleven tested AA models settled at a similar voltage level after just five hours.

The surprising test winner is the Aldi Activ Power, a discounter model. Aldi’s battery showed the highest remaining voltage after ten hours. Other discounter products, such as those from Rossmann or Ikea, performed just as well at this last measurement point as the branded products from Energizer, Varta or Duracell. So you can confidently choose the discounter product.

Branded products offer advantages for energy-intensive devices

In terms of price, however, there are huge differences, because while the AA batteries from Ikea, Rossmann and Aldi cost just 20 cents each, branded batteries cost between one and two euros each. This is noticeable as a price saving of between eight and 18 euros with just ten batteries.

In one area of ​​application, however, the expensive batteries beat their discounter counterparts: namely when the end devices used require a high voltage. However, such electronic items are now rare. In most cases, such energy-intensive devices – such as mobile game consoles or digital cameras – are now operated with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

You can find the detailed test result and the methodology at Techbook.



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