11 good reasons against Windows 11 – Microsoft doesn’t like reading that!

Windows 11 does not necessarily trigger a storm of enthusiasm. Here are 11 good reasons not to switch (yet).


Windows 11 does not support the hardware of your current PC. So you would have to upgrade the motherboard and processor in order to be able to install Windows 11 at all.


But if you don’t want to or can’t upgrade your PC, switching to Windows 11 also means buying a new computer.

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Never touch a running system: Windows 10 has been running with the installed applications for many years without any major problems.


The new features of Windows 11 are good, but do not really help you with the daily use of the computer.


You don’t know whether all the installed programs will also work under Windows 11 and you don’t want to take any risks and prefer to wait.


You have connected a lot of external devices to your PC and cannot find any approval or new drivers for Windows 11 from the manufacturer.


You don’t like the new design of Windows 11 at all. You use the PC too little for it to be worthwhile for you to retrain.


A move from Windows 10 to Windows 11 is out of the question. You don’t have time (yet) for a complete new installation.


Windows 11 is too networked for you and you don’t want to reveal any more information about your privacy.


You are afraid of teething troubles and would rather wait until the first major service update for Windows 11 comes.


You’ve had enough of Windows and its quirks anyway and have been planning to switch to an Apple computer with Mac OS or a Linux PC for a long time.

11 good reasons for Windows 11 – switch now!

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