11 good reasons for Windows 11 – switch now!

There are many good reasons to move to Windows 11 as soon as possible. We name 11 of them. That’s why you should change now!


The hardware of your current PC is supported by Windows 11. You found that out with a tool like WhyNot11.


You wanted to buy a new PC anyway and Windows 11 comes in handy. You are now buying a system with Windows 11 preinstalled.


You’ve been running Windows 10 for a number of years and causing problems here and there. With a newly installed Windows 11 you can start fresh.


The programs installed under Windows 10 also all work under Windows 11. The change is not in the way.


You will love the new, refreshing design of Windows 11. That alone is a compelling argument to switch from the staid Windows 10.


The new functions in Windows 11, the redesigned start menu and the changed settings will convince you of the advantages of switching.

7. You are a PC gamer and want to benefit from the added features such as AutoHDR and DirectStorage. Windows 11 is a must for you.


You have connected many external devices to the PC for which the manufacturers already have new drivers for Windows 11.


You are not afraid of teething problems, as Windows 11 has been tested millions of times on very different PCs in the Insider Program.


You want to be up to date and don’t want to work with an old operating system that Microsoft may only neglect.


You have an Android smartphone and want to use one or the other app under Windows 11. This is also only possible with Windows 11.

11 good reasons against Windows 11 – Microsoft doesn’t like reading that!

Windows 11 free – thanks to the affordable Windows 10 Pro version

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