11 reasons why drinking wine and exercising really are the same

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Drinking wine and exercising are actually the same things… Not really of course, but every excuse to drink a glass of wine is a good excuse, isn’t it? Therefore, these 11 reasons that prove our position :-).

1. You get a good feeling from both sports and drinking wine


2. And it both have clear health benefits

Scientifically proven!

3. Plus: it’s both good for your circulation!

Nice bonus.

4. You can choose from different types

Each with their own advantages :-).

5. Drinking wine as well as exercising is more fun with friends

No doubt.

6. And it both tastes like more

Literally and figuratively.

7. You can be very happy after a long day at work



8. Because drinking wine as well as exercising helps to forget your worries

For a while anyway.

9. But you get tired of both

For various reasons, of course.

10. And you get hurt if you overdo it

Headache or muscle pain. So pain.

11. But: practice makes perfect!

The more you do it, the better you get at it.

So drink a glass of wine quickly! Or exercise! Or: do both ?


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