11 things only a spectacle wearer understands

Poor vision is terrible, but wearing glasses is not always fun. To ease the pain of all eyeglass wearers, we’ve listed 11 things only they can understand. Because it’s always cool to be able to do something that others can’t, right?

1. Tempered glasses = hell

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Do you want to cook or drink something warm? Tempered glasses. Walk in the rain or get from the cold outside to the warmth inside (or vice versa)? The same problem. Strong sports? Constantly evaporated glasses, which you must of course constantly clean. Plus, other people tend to find that hilarious, which makes it a bit worse – and more embarrassing – for you.

2. Everyone wants to try on your glasses


And then exclaim that you are blind, that such glasses are very annoying or that they are not with them. So we didn’t know anything ourselves.

Swimming is no fun


Glasses wearers have two options when they go swimming: do not wear glasses and see nothing, or wear glasses and see nothing through all the drops on them. Of course you can also buy prescription goggles, but does anyone really?

4. Search, search, search


If a spectacle wearer drops his glasses or has left them in an unusual place, a serious search usually follows. After all, finding something if you don’t see well is not that simple. Sporadic spectacle wearers also search a bit, because they always leave their glasses elsewhere, at the television or in the car, for example.

5. No one recognizes you without glasses


What’s more, you barely recognize yourself when you look in the mirror. And no, not just because it is blurry. Also recognizable: most people think you are more handsome with your glasses, although that is of course mainly a habit.

6. A 3D movie is not for you


Because combining such 3D glasses with your real glasses is really not comfortable.

7. Everyone wants to smear your contact lenses


You can’t adjourn them, you have an eye condition that prevents you from wearing them or you just don’t want them. Actually, the reason doesn’t even matter: if we wanted lenses, we would have had them for a long time.

8. The sun does not make it easy for you


When the sun shines, you have to constantly switch between your two glasses, unless you have such glasses that adjust themselves to the light. Or you should consider valves. Uh, not so.

Also annoying: there are always white glasses tanned in your face.

9. You hate people who wear false glasses


Hip? More intelligent? Handsome? Whatever. But we find such glasses with fake glasses especially ridiculous.

10. Lying down and watching TV = not easy


Your glasses shoot up, hurt your nose and behind your ears and you suddenly look above or below your glasses. No, it is not easy to lie in the couch when you watch television.

11. Buying new glasses is very difficult


Not only because it is difficult to make a choice, but also because it is simply difficult not to see whether the glasses suit you .. We can reassure Ryan Gosling: he is with everything.


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