11 YouTubers reveal what they earn each month with their videos

Graham Stephan: 119,500 euros (February 2020)

When Graham Stephan started his YouTube channel three years ago, he was working full-time as a real estate agent. His YouTube channel quickly became a profitable secondary source of income. By the end of 2018, he said he had earned a total of over 211,000 euros with his YouTube business. And then he went all out.

Stephan now runs his YouTube channel full-time and has almost two million subscribers. He makes money through advertising, sponsorship and through Amazon’s affiliate program. He also offers a course in which he explains how to successfully build a YouTube channel.

In February, he earned a total of € 119,500 in AdSense revenue after driving 8.9 million views in 29 days. This is evident from its YouTube dashboard, viewed by His video “How I Bought A Tesla for $ 78 per month,” he said, which has 6.3 million views, grossed him around 47,000 euros in less than a year, he said . “It really started when I started posting three times a week,” he said on his YouTube channel.


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