12 career tips for young people from Telekom boss Timotheus Höttges

Timotheus Höttges.

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Timotheus Höttges is CEO of Telekom and one of the most successful local managers. On the social network Linkedin, he has now published an article with twelve tips that he would like to give young people on their journey through life, because the question “What advice do you give young people for their journey through life?” Is what the top manager hears very often. At the start of his studies he therefore writes down his “tips for the OWN way”.

He also gave the following advice to his son after he graduated from high school.

The twelve pieces of advice from the Telekom boss

1. Have confidence, but be aware of your weaknesses.

2. Analyze well, but also trust your gut feeling when you are unsure.

3. Learn to think – not only to accumulate knowledge, but also to abstract it.

4. Write down what you want to achieve. Then it will come true. Whoever writes stays.

5. Think big! Ask yourself what you want to leave behind.

6. Don’t overwhelm yourself and don’t try everything at the same time. Set realistic partial goals.

7. Learn to communicate complex things simply. Nothing is more convincing than clear arguments and a vision.

8. Always confront yourself with something new, for example in sports, philosophy or art.

9. Stay curious and get excited. Create a mix of routines but also special experiences.

10. Do not get infected by negative emotions around you. Put on “blinders” and don’t let that drive you crazy.

11. Find allies. You’re always more successful in a team.

12. Get socially involved.



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