12 hobbies that look good on your resume

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It’s hard to write a good resume. DA maximum of two pages must reflect the entire career and your own personality as perfectly as possible. So what looks good on your resume – and what doesn’t?

If you follow the recommendations of more traditional advisors, your hobbies should not be included in your application folder because they simply take up too much valuable space.

But in some situations, your hobbies can even upgrade your resume and make you stand out from the crowd.

The right leisure activities can be particularly popular with modern companies such as Google. A former intern at the company told on Quora, a question-Reply websitethat the HR managers pay particular attention to interesting details in applications. “Here you have the opportunity to impress with a few unusual aspects of your life that more traditional companies do not appreciate so much“, she writes.

Other companies are happy when a hobby from your resume has something to do with the job you are applying for, says Alyssa Gelbard, founder and president of the career consulting firm Résumé Strategists.

“When a potential employer reads a candidate’s interests in the application, it gives them an insight into their personality and industry knowledge Ultimately, what makes him a more attractive candidate for the job“, she says.

“But one should not forget: Everything that is on the curriculum vitae can be discussed in the interview. So you should really know about every hobby“Explains Gelbard.

Here are 12 hobbies that you should write on your resume – provided they really belong to your interests. And then we have one that definitely shouldn’t be there.

12 hobbies that look good on your resume – and one that harms slides

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