12 problems that only small people understand

Often it is not so bad to be small: for example, when you are young, you can enter theme parks for free and when you get older, you never suffer from a lack of space for your legs. But if you are a little one yourself, you know that it also brings problems. There are 12 of them.

1. You never see anything at concerts or festivals


No, not even when you step on your toes. All you see are the shoulders and heads of the people around you. But hey, it’s the music and atmosphere that count, right? And fortunately there are often large screens, on which you can still see something.

2. High heels are a must


And if you do wear flat shoes, everyone will be amazed at how small you really are. Even smaller than they thought so…

3. Everyone addresses you with a diminutive


Little cart, Carolientje or Marijntje: you always have to do that. Others simply call you little, mini or any other word that refers to your height. Well.

4. You often have to ask for help in the supermarket


Not only for the products on the top shelf, but also for those on the shelves below. And yes, that is sometimes a bit embarrassing.

5. And you also have a ladder at home


Or you climb on tables and chairs. Because the top shelf of your own cupboards is also inaccessible.

6. Finding suitable clothes is not easy


A miniskirt comes almost to your knees, while a maxi skirt hangs centimeters on the floor. T-shirts are always too long, and the sleeves of a sweater always have to be rolled up. Nope, it’s not simple.

7. And you should always have your pants shortened


Regular pants are always too long, but those from the children’s department are of course too tight. The only solution: shorten your pants. If you cannot do that yourself, your pants will become even more expensive.

8. Other people lean on your shoulders or on your head


Because they think that is laughable and it is the perfect height for them. But you’re not a piece of furniture, are you?

9. You should always be in the middle


Should there be three people in the back seat? Then you are guaranteed to be the one who ends up in the middle. Because you don’t need a lot of space for your legs.

10. You should always be at the front of a photo

Tumblr / Fuckyeahdash

Do you remember the class photos from the past? You always had to stand in front or sit on a chair, because no one else could see you. And yes, it still has to be done today.

11. Kissing with your love causes neck pain


And also the tips of your toes suffer from it. Fortunately he sometimes lifts you…

12. People estimate you to be younger than you are


As a result, you occasionally have to show your identity card to prove that you are old enough. But we predict: someday you will be happy that people estimate you younger.

And don’t forget: you are not alone!



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