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12 strange things your dog does every day – and what they mean

Eating feces is also normal behavior for dogs.

Some dogs seem a little obsessed with their own droppings and often go so far as to eat them.

Jones explained that this behavior is actually common and does not usually indicate a medical problem.

“Eating feces is another natural dog habit that is disgusting for us humans. This behavior is called coprophagia and means when dogs eat their own droppings or that of another dog. ”

Some people are sure that dogs eat their own droppings to make up for a lack of nutrients. According to Jones, however, there is not much evidence to suggest that this is true.

“A dog develops the habit of eating faeces due to a lack of supervision when walking with the dog or due to the example of other dogs. It’s an unpleasant habit that behavior training can counteract, ”he added.



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