125,000 jobs have disappeared due to the corona crisis, supermarkets are doing well

Between February and the end of July, 125,000 Dutch jobs were lost as a result of the corona crisis. The number of unemployment benefits in the sectors in which jobs were lost also rose sharply. The benefits agency UWV has calculated this. Most jobs were lost in sectors affected by the corona crisis.

31,000 jobs were lost in temporary employment agencies, while specialist business services had 15,000 fewer jobs. 12,000 jobs were lost in the hospitality industry, 10,000 jobs were lost in culture, sports and recreation. These sectors were directly affected by the corona measures. According to the UWV, a relatively large number of people with a flexible contract also work in these sectors.

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In smaller sectors, such as travel, security and cleaning, the number of jobs also declined. According to the UWV, there were no large numbers there, but there was a ‘relatively strong decline’. The UWV only noticed a growth in employment in food shops. 12,000 jobs were created in this sector. Consumers spent more in supermarkets due to the temporary closure of the catering industry. Freight transport and the food industry were also hardly affected.


The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) previously published labor market figures on the corona crisis. In doing so, the statistics office assumed different numbers, although those figures also showed a significant job reduction. The months of June and July make a difference in the UWV figures, according to CBS chief economist Peter Hein van Mulligen. “At the end of July, we saw the unemployment figures decline, because the catering industry was allowed to reopen in June, which meant that jobs were created. Therein is the upward movement. ”

The higher CBS average of 298,000 fewer jobs in the second quarter explains Van Mulligen by the closure of all kinds of sectors with people who, for example, worked on an on-call basis.


According to the UWV, the number of unemployment benefits (WW) stood at 278,000 at the end of September, or 16 percent more than in February. In April there was a peak of 74,000 new benefits. The increase was strongest in the hotel and catering industry, passenger transport, the travel industry and security.

The agency also says the job losses could have been greater. This is due to government support measures, such as the Bridging Emergency Measure for Employment (NOW), which retained a lot of employment. Despite the impact of the corona crisis, aviation reaped the benefits of this.

Although there are also pilots who hardly go up.

Despite the announcement of new support measures, the UWV expects that even more jobs will disappear and the number of unemployment benefits will rise. According to the UWV, this also has to do with the new partial lockdown that was announced on October 14 and the further temporary strengthening of the corona measures.

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125,000 jobs have disappeared due to the corona crisis, supermarkets are doing well


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