125cc motorcycles: the most exciting 125cc bikes in model year 2022

125cc motorcycles are attractive because they convey similar ones Driving fun like larger displacement bikes – and therefore offer a Feeling of freedomthat some people do during a global pandemic can probably use it well. But they also have a rational side, because 125cc costs only that Fraction of a larger motorcycle, both in the purchase as well as in Entertains. And you can do it in Germany with the B196driver’s license drive. For drivers, this is – to put it simply – additional training in the driving school.

Reason enough for AUTOMOBILE IMAGE MOTORCYCLEto take a closer look at which new 125ccs are produced each year 2022 come on the market. the six hottest new hits we briefly present the most important information in this article.

Suzuki GSXR-125: super athlete in bonsai format

Suzuki has the young athlete GSXR125 with a few Modifications Made fit for the 2022 model year. At the top of the list was that 5 euro-Hurdle, sure. With which technical tricks the 15th PS strength Single cylinder the Japanese do not reveal the new emissions standard. But it stays with the known power and 11th,5 Nm maximum torque.
Suzuki GSX-R125

Suzuki has made the mini super athlete GSX-R125 fit for the new model year with a few revisions.

the Bow fairing looks a little different compared to its predecessor. There is now a painted part in the front and a new, unpainted part towards the exhaust. Two Decors are available, one in blue with yellow dots and white Suzuki lettering, one in black and red. Price from 4650 Euro.

Yamaha XSR125: attractive retro bike in a small size

The competition from Yamaha goes with the next year XSR125 at the start. the small sister The XSR900 is said to have been tried and tested with the siblings in addition to its optics Bridge frame and resulting adult Space conditions convince. Overall, the 125cc class is very sporty on the German market and therefore appeals more to a young clientele.
Yamaha XSR 125

Yamaha wants to appeal to a not-so-young clientele with the small retro machine XSR 125.

Yamaha wants to do that differently with the XSR125. the Seat height is passable 81.5 centimeters. Out 140 kilo Empty weight could result in a refreshing agility eleven liter Tank volume a more than decent range. the engine draws what is legally possible 15th PS full off. Yamaha gives the top speed 102 km / h on. In terms of price, it goes with 4649 Euro Come on.

Kawasaki Ninja 125: new colors, familiar technology

the 15th PS strength, A1suitable Kawasaki Ninja 125 and her twin sister Z125 are going with them new Paintwork is next model year, stay tuned technically but faithful. The Ninja 125 leans optically and ergonomic to the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10RR with which Jonathan Rea won six World SBK Championships in a row.
Kawasaki Ninja 125

New paintwork freshen up the hot Kawasaki Ninja 125. Technically, it stays with the tried and tested ingredients.

The person behind the handlebars sits down sportily in front bent. There is an optional ErgoFitDriver’s seatthat provides extra comfort for the knees. The prices start at 5795 Euro.

KTM RC 125: aggressive bike from Austria

The press department of KTM has never shied away from advertising the products from Mattighofen with pithy words. So it’s no wonder that KTM is announcing the new one Rc 125 be ready to “hit the competition one in front of the bib”. There is one hidden behind the strong words completely overworked Street athlete in small. Goes with the new look more volume of the bike. That should do more for the person in the saddle Freedom of movement Offer. Out 13.7 liter tank volume works out a respectable one Range. The landing gear comes from the shelf of WP. There is one in front OpenCartrideUpside-down fork built in, in the back apexShock absorber With SplitPistonfunction. The RC 125 weighs ready to drive 156 kilo and has full 15th PS. KTM has not yet announced prices.

Honda Monkey 125: improved in important areas

The sympathetic retroHonda has driven a lot of fans right into the hearts of a lot of fans since it was launched in 2018. For the model year 2022 the Japanese now have the cute bike in a few crucial places improved. With a new one Inlet area, a new Cat and with a new one Exhaust became the 9.5 hp strong Grom single cylinder Euro5compatible.
Honda Monkey 125

Honda claims that it has made significant improvements to the Monkey 125.

There is also an upgrade from four five Corridors. the Top speed is now included 91 km / h. New Shock absorbers on the rear wheel should be together with DoubleSpring packages and new Damper rubbers ensure more stability in the chassis. The color Pearl Glittering Blue is also new. away 4244 Euro is it starting.

Brixton Crossfire 125: pretty retro 125s in Husqvarna style

Brixton from Austria will roll out the Crossfire 125 to the starting line. It leans a little visually Vit– and Svartpilen from Husqvarna on, both extremely well designed in terms of design. The technical delicacy is that New developed, water-cooled Motor that is used instead of the previously used Japanese units made in China. He has exactly 124.8 cubic centimeters Cubic capacity 13.6 hp and developed a maximum Torque from 10.5 Nm.
Brixton Crossfire 125

The Brixton Crossfire 125 gets a brand new engine and looks like Husqvarna.

The manufacturer quantifies that Top speed With 99 km / h. Ready to drive, the Brixton Crossfire 125 weighs 148 kilograms on the scales. Fit in the tank eleven liters of fuel. the price is likely to be just above the 2000 euro limit.

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