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14 million for Rembrandt’s small and business card-like ‘selfie’

The auction house had expected at least 13 million euros for “the selfie” of painter master Rembrandt van Rijn. It became a bit more.

Now we can take selfies until we weigh ours, or until the memory on our phone is full. In the past, you had to do it with a brush and a cloth, if you wanted to capture yourself forever, and have the necessary painting talent. Three times check for our Rembrandt van Rijn, who made about forty self-portraits with oil paint during his life.

Small but expensive

An early self-portrait of him brought in 13.95 million euros converted this evening. It was offered through auction house Sotheby’s in London during their Rembrandt to Richter-auction, as they call it. The work was expected to yield at least 13 million euros. It is a panel measuring 22 by 16 centimeters from 1632, when Rembrandt was 26.

Self-portrait Rembrandt

The portrait shows him with a black hat and a white collar. It must have been made at the end of 1632, based on the design of the signature that he only applied for a short time. It was an important period for Rembrandt, who had just settled in Amsterdam and achieved considerable success. In the same year he painted “The Anatomy Lesson” by Dr. Nicolaes Tulip.

Sotheby’s finds Rembrandt’s rather formal trim on the portrait special. Perhaps the auction house experts thought the painting was meant to be a calling card: either to acquire customers or to impress the family of his beloved and future wife Saskia. With dimensions of 21.8 by 16.3 centimeters, it could also easily be sent to her Frisian family.

The painting is one of three self-portraits by Rembrandt that are still in private ownership. It is not yet known who the buyer of the painting is, but there were six interested parties who continued to bid against each other. Including additional costs, the new owner pays a little more than 16 million euros.

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More work

It is the highest amount ever paid for a self-portrait of Rembrandt from a private collection. The Rembrandt, incidentally, was not the masterpiece of the auction. That honor went to the painting Woman With Red Hat by Joan Miró from 1927. The surrealist work of the Spanish artist changed ownership for just under 23 million euros.

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14 million for small and business card-like “selfie” Rembrandt


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