15 ingenious tools for all things money

With these programs, you can keep a close eye on your finances and know exactly where your money went or where it came from. Best of all, most of the tools are free.

Our collection of financial tools includes both freeware and shareware, as well as some relatively high-priced programs. The software selection includes tools for eBay, for shareholders, for financial accounting, for tenants, for freelancers and for users of online banking. We have removed two older tools from our compilation that have not been updated for a long time. Two other tools have been updated.

Note for use in companies:

Before using free programs, please check the terms of use to ensure that they can also be used in a company without license fees, if you intend to do so.

Java runtime

Some of the programs presented are programmed in Java and require the Java Runtime Environment, which should be available on most computers anyway. The Java runtime (abbreviated: JRE; German: Java runtime environment) provides the virtual machine in which Java programs are executed. It also includes the programming interface for Java programs and the Java libraries. In this Java runtime, security gaps are discovered relatively often, which attackers can exploit to attack other computers. In this respect, the Java Runtime is a potential weak point. You should therefore uninstall it if you are not using any programs that use Java.

In addition, the business programs presented here are by no means restricted to Windows or MacOS, as some even have Linux versions.

We give a brief description of each software. You can download the software immediately using the download link below. And now good luck browsing our download gallery!

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