15 reasons cats are the most horrible roommates (and yet you can’t live without them)

You once doubted, so doubted so hard, to finally get convinced: life with a cat in the house would be great, really. Now that you’re stuck with that sneaky hair bulb in your house, the reasons cats are the most horrible roomies ever pile up massively, starting with these 15:

1. They NEVER do the dishes

Really NEVER.

2. But prefer to be served all day

“Oh yes, there. Still, yet. ”

3. They constantly forget their keys

Each. Day. Again. And then they expect you to stay awake to let them in. Uh … NOT SO!

4. They will run with your favorite snacks

“Huh, whut, which one? No, no corn seen… ”

5. And get out quickly when you get angry

Nice try…

6. They bring guests home, always and inappropriately

Without asking, of course. The sneaky ones.

7. They don’t leave you alone for a second

“Attention, attention, I want ATTENTION!”

And jump on when you least expect it

8. They take up all your favorite places

All-times ?

And so you officially have nothing more to say in your own home.

9. Night after night they scare you with their crazy eyes

10. They have absolutely no manners

Binoculars, anyone?

11. They are never (*) on time with the rent

(*) Never like never, never, the rent just never comes.

12. They cannot be trusted for anything

And of course they don’t know anything afterwards

13. Their tame knows no bounds

And they know how to surpass that every day.

14. They borrow your things without your permission

Just underhanded.

Oops, got caught.

But despite everything …



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