15 signs that your boyfriend is a ‘keeper’

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15 signs that your boyfriend is a

Do you have you mister perfect already found and are you convinced that your love is forever and ever? Then you will certainly recognize these 15 signals that your love is a “keeper”:

1. You don’t have to go on expensive or exotic trips to have the time of your life

2. He knows exactly what to do to get you in no time to cheer up

3. He thinks it’s great to be in bed with you, even if you don’t have sex

4. At the most unexpected moments, he surprises you with the craziest, sweetest or most romantic things

5. He will happily spend time with your family and friends. Because who is important to you is also important to him

6. After all these years, he still sends you sweet text messages of which you immediately become radiantly happy

7. Or even better: it hides cute notes with declarations of love in your wallet, car or between your sandwiches

8. As soon as he sees you, his eyes start to twinkle


9. He dares to be sensitive when he is with you

10. Being naked with him feels just as comfortable as when you are alone

11. He saw you in your most horrible moments, but he still stayed with you

12. When he says he loves you, you feel tingling down to your little toe

13. He unconditionally supports you, however crazy your ideas or behavior may seem to the rest of the world

14. Thanks to him you are the best version of yourself

15. Above all, he agrees when you both know you’re completely wrong

And that’s why he’s the man of your life, your prince on the white horse, the boy you’ve always dreamed of. Does your super-awesome boyfriend live up to these loving traits? Be sure to post this article on his Facebook profile and let him know how much he means to you.


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