150 green multi-energy stations in France for 2023

If Liger BioConcept is more particularly active in promoting mobility at bioGNV, its stations, which will mainly belong to their main customers, will have 1 or 2 fast terminals where the price of recharging will depend on the source of electricity. Secondly, green hydrogen distributors will also be installed.

Green electricity and blockchain

There are several projects for the development of energy supply hubs. Where Karrgreen makes the difference is by researching the most virtuous sources of energy. Including for the power supply of stations.

Solar panels will provide a good part of the needs, whether for lighting, fast charging stations 80-150 kW for charging electric vehicles, or bioGNV distributors (capacity of 8 heavy goods vehicles per hour). When this is not enough, a computer platform will permanently select the most appropriate source of electricity based on its proximity to the station and the available capacity.

This scenario will be secured by blockchain, and the architecture hosted on small zero carbon footprint data centers. These will be provided by the start-up Stratosfair, as will Liger BioConcept based in Locminé, in Morbihan.

Differentiated rates

When possible, fast chargers will be able to both supply electricity from the national grid, which is heavily tinted with nuclear energy, or guaranteed by green sources, or produced locally and virtuously over the water.

It is the electrician who will choose the origin of the current that will regenerate the batteries in his vehicle. This will obviously have an impact on the price to pay for the operation.

A cryptocurrency will reward the best gestures of customers, hub owners, and suppliers. The latter will be mainly those who bring the waste to the anaerobic digestion units necessary for the supply of bioGNV. The Clean Coin will be indexed exclusively on energy production and distribution as well as on the amount of CO2 saved.

BioGNV at the center of Karrgreen hubs

The main purpose of these 150 green multi-energy stations that will be deployed between 2021 and 2023 is to distribute bioGNV. It is the original workhorse of Liger (Locminé innovation management of renewable energies) and its ramifications since their creation.

By integrating an ever-increasing dimension of circular economy, the aim is to supply trucks, coaches and buses with biogas from local anaerobic digestion units. And this, by allowing the lasting establishment of direct links between producers and consumers.

If we had to dare a comparison, Liger BioConcept is pretty much the energy supplier for alternative motor vehicles what Enercoop is to EDF and its other competitors.

70% of the capital to the main customers

Karrgreen can be seen as a franchise that allows carriers, coach operators, communities and possibly the departmental energy union, all located in the territory, to hold 70% of the capital of a station. The remaining 30% will belong to Liger BioConcept and its partners.

Such a formula allows modest carriers (20-30 trucks) who could not invest in a private CNG station to secure the supply of fuel increasingly required by their large customers, in particular power stations. shopping. And this, for example, for no more than 30,000 or 40,000 euros mobilized.

Karregreen hubs will be accessible to all, professionals or private motorists who use vehicles running on bioGNV or electricity. And also later to those who will ride in vehicles equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell.

Price for a Plug & Play station that can be connected in 72 hours: 1.050 million euros.

63 sites already listed

This whole environment could appear utopian, and Liger BioConcept is well aware of this. But the structure has such notoriety and such confidence that candidates are flocking. Without a major communication operation, already 63 sites out of the 150 that will form the network in France have been identified.

Brittany, Ile-de-France and Champagne are among the regions where the Karregreen hubs should be deployed the most, which, according to Liger BioConcept, should be seen as real tools for reducing pollutant and CO2 emissions.

From 2021, the concept should be exported to the United States where the company has long-standing partners.


It is in Ploërmel, in Morbihan, that the prototype Karrgreen hub will be built. The first excavator is due to be given next September on a 2,500 m2 plot, with the establishment scheduled to open in the first half of 2021.

The station will be located on the Lorient-Rennes axis, where more and more vehicles run on natural gas. Which is entirely suitable for the 2 coach operators and 5 carriers who will hold the majority of the capital of this site.

A fast charging station for electric charging, generally fairly reliable and very regularly used, was already installed by Morbihan Energies in this town a few years ago. But electric mobility needs to be doubled and more, but also secure, these chargers which make it possible to travel long distances in EV.


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