16 sentences that singles really don’t want to hear anymore

The worst thing about being single? Not that you are alone, because you can live with that. Or even more: you consciously choose that. Then what? The annoying questions that couples fire at you to “do good” and “to help you”, but which are ultimately, um, irritating. Like these:

1. You single? How is that possible?

You, not single ?! How
is that possible now?

2. What happened to X?

Relationships come and go.
But it’s not your business otherwise.

You say that to me
convince? Or to convince yourself?

4. You will meet the true if you don’t expect it anymore

Which can. But who says
that I’m waiting for it? Being single is really not that bad.

5. When was your last date?

Again: not your business.

6. You need to go out more and open up

Because you got to know me when I was lonely and alone in mine
sat turret? Right.

7. Maybe you are just too picky

Maybe not either. But that’s my choice, right?

8. Are you not afraid that all the “good” ones are already taken?

Ha no, because I walk
still free around?

9. I have a friend who would suit you perfectly

I’m really not desperate. And may I please myself
choose who suits me perfectly? Thank you.

10. Isn’t it annoying that you have to go everywhere alone?

Yes, at (wedding) parties
I am often surrounded by couples in love. But no, that is
don’t say i’m not having fun. And no, not everyone loves.

11. Have you tried online dating?

maybe not. But again, I’m not desperate.

12. Aren’t you lonely?

Ever heard of
friends? And family? And pets? No?

13. A relationship is not always great either

Neither are single.
Everything has its positive and negative sides, that’s how it goes.

14. What do your parents think about it?

What should my parents do
think of that exactly?

15. You have to hurry a little if you still want children

Who says I want children at all? Or that I am not single
can become mother / father? There are plenty of options …

16. You must love yourself enough first

However, I really like to see myself … Thank you!

So: can anyone please leave these sentences out?


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