160 jobs on the slope at travel suitcase manufacturer Samsonite

Samsonite had been having a harder time for a while and the corona crisis came on top of that. Turnover has almost collapsed. “On a summer day, people will ship a certain volume here. Now they do the same volume in a month,” says Ronny Loubris of the socialist union.

Production has been halted since March 19. A total of 770 people work there. 94 permanent positions will disappear: 56 white-collar workers and 38 blue-collar workers. It is not yet clear whether this is all about naked layoffs. In addition, 66 temporary contacts are not extended. 200 jobs will also disappear at the branch in Hungary.

Travel cases have been made at Samsonite in Oudenaarde since the 1960s. It is still unclear how things should progress with the company in the longer term. The aviation sector is not expected to return to pre-corona crisis levels until 2023 at the earliest.

See below the journal report about the situation at Samsonite:


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