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# 164 I can’t stop, his attention is addictive

Maud’s love life is turned upside down. Things have not been going well between her and Tommy for a while and after much deliberation she has taken a break.

Tommy doesn’t really agree, but Maud realizes that she doesn’t really miss Tommy as much as she thought. In the meantime, her studies have started again and that is now (besides caring for her father) her biggest priority. She is finally allowed to come back to class and as she walks through the university she meets someone she had not expected at all. Wtf is Kay doing here ?!

Kay pretends it’s the most normal thing in the world that I meet him at university.

Arrogant attitude

I don’t know what to do with his arrogant attitude. On the one hand, I find him very irritable and hypocritical, on the other hand I have a huge soft spot for him.

“What are you doing here? You’re way too old for the lecture halls, aren’t you? ”I blurt out.

Kay starts to laugh and explains that he has been invited as a guest lecturer and regularly lectures for the study of communication science. Guess which minor I am going to do next block? Right.

It’s not nice that I’m going to share this with him. Hopefully he will be gone by next study block and I will not have to take a lesson from him. I feel more uncomfortable with Kay around me by the minute and tell him I’m in a hurry.

Less than 5 minutes later I receive a message from him: “You had a nice dress, it looks good on you ..” I send a thumbs up back. Kay does not waste any time and sees every opportunity for an in-depth interview. “What kind of study do I actually do? Have I already thought about an internship? When I go to a party again? ” It seems the shorter my answers, the more elaborate his questions become. I know the best option is to ignore him, but I keep going back. A bit like fast food, I know it’s bad for me and yet I eat pizza at least twice a week. His attention is addictive.

Ignore messages

Only when I have dinner with Jessie in the evening can I ignore his messages. It is not very cozy with Jessie. I don’t know what she’s got, but she seems to go right into everything. She thinks it’s ridiculous that I’m having a break with Tommy. “He’s just not feeling well, give him some time.” I don’t get it. Jessie was always by my side, but suddenly she has a lot of eye for Tommy’s well-being. When I tell her about Kay’s messages, I only make it worse! “Maud, I don’t blame Tommy! You are flirting with other men all the time and meanwhile you blame Tommy for everything ?! ” It annoys me that Jessie is pretending to be some slut. I can’t keep my emotions under control and I start crying for the umpteenth time this week. (Long live waterproof mascara).

“Sorry Maud .. I just want the best for you and Tommy. Sometimes I have to be a bit strict. ” Not much later, Jessie’s phone rings. Something with ‘saved by the bell. “That was my sister, she and her boyfriend have a small party at home. No more than fifteen people, there is music, a lot of food and more drinks! Are you coming too? I feel like you could use some distraction, ”says Jessie.

“I think we could both use a party, fun!”

Overloaded with compliments

The rest of the week flies by and I still haven’t spoken to Tommy. I’ve still blocked him on social media and strangely enough I like it. You would think that I spend less time with my phone, but nothing could be further from the truth. Kay keeps texting me and even though I know to ignore his messages, I do the opposite. He shows a lot of interest and continues to shower me with compliments. I know it’s wrong, but it’s just addictive.

Furthermore, I mainly focused on my studies and the gym. It pleases me that I finally have some rhythm again. I am starting to really miss going out now. I am so done with all those rules and restrictions.

And so I was waiting in my new dress in front of Jessie’s sister’s house last Saturday. She lives with her boyfriend in a huge apartment in Amsterdam Noord. The apartment is completely new, with a view over the IJ and a roof terrace that you say to yourself. Jessie is of course much too late and so I have to go in alone. If I hate something, it is to go to parties alone. But to wait outside for an hour is so sad. And what is the worst that can happen to me?

When I enter the party it is already quite busy. I’ve seen Jessie’s sister a few times before and she knows how to put me at ease right away. Fortunately her boyfriend Dave is just as nice and he introduces me to all his friends. When I walk into the kitchen with him to get a drink, I get scared. Those curls, those muscular shoulders … I recognize him immediately!

“Joris!? Huh? ”

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# 164 I can’t stop, his attention is addictive


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