17 mountains that almost everyone can climb

Looking for adventure, but no experience with climbing? Don’t worry, there are mountains for you too. We have listed the easiest climbs. With these climbs you can walk everything and you don’t have to climb. Attention, a solid condition and preparation is necessary!

We go down the list from low to high. It is important to remember that you need a good condition to walk these mastodons. For some, experience at a great height is also useful and especially to get used to the feeling of thin air.

Altitude sickness can lead to headache, nausea, insomnia and dizziness. Sometimes this can lead to vomiting itself. Therefore, a few small tips to avoid altitude sickness: walk at a leisurely pace and take enough breaks, drink plenty of water and bring enough snacks, try to acclimatize at height for a few days and take medication if necessary.

Mount Kosciuszko – Australia (2,228 meters)


Mount Kosciuszko is the highest mountain in Australia and can be reached in various ways. Here we provide the easiest route. This route does not take a lot of time, but you can enjoy it for a day. In Thredbo you can take a chairlift and it will take you to the start of the hike. It is a nice 13 kilometer hike there and back.

The highest point of the lift is 1,925 meters, which means that you have to climb another 300 meters. The round trip takes about four to five hours. That of course depends on how long you want to stay on top. The best time to go is from December to March. Then the alpine flowers are in bloom. Knowing more? Click here.

Mount Sinai – Egypt (2,285 meters)


This sacred mountain is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and some call it the mountain Mount Moses. That’s because of the story that Moses spent 40 days on the mountain receiving the Ten Commandments from God here. Round trip to the top is just under 11 kilometers of hiking.

The easiest route is via the so-called camel path. The hike to the top takes about three hours. The end of the route is tough, with no fewer than 3,750 steps of repentance on your way to the top. Many people visit the mountain at sunrise or sunset and that is why you can also sleep near the top. Knowing more? Click here.

Huayna Picchu – Peru (2,720 meters)


Everyone knows Machu Picchu, the ruined city of the Incas, but many forget the mountain next to the former city. The Huayna Picchu looks like a difficult mountain to climb, fortunately that is not the case. It is a steep climb and sometimes you have to use your hands to get up, but when you are up, about 360 meters above the city, you get a wonderful sight.

From the top you can see Machu Picchu in its full glory and even during the walk you can also see the city from different perspectives. Due to the many tourists, there are strict regulations and you also have to pay to climb the top. The walk to the top takes only an hour. Knowing more? Click here.

Triglav – Slovenia (2,863 meters)

Instagram: lukaesenko

The Triglav is the highest mountain in Slovenia and you should not call yourself a real Slovenian if you have not climbed it. This mountain does not fully fit the list, since you are a small piece with via ferrata has to do. That is a bit like climbing, but less dangerous. You hang on the wall with iron cables. Children from 10 years old can already climb the route and that is a good sign.

To climb the Triglav in an easy way, you have to register for two days. You will be hiking for 12 to 14 hours before reaching the top. But a night in a mountain hut is also a nice experience. Knowing more? Click here.

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Moesala – Bulgaria (2,925 meters)


The highest mountain in the Balkans should not be missing from this list. This mountain is very popular and especially with the Bulgarians. There are also ski lifts here and these will save you a very tough hike. The tour takes about five hours from the moment you get off the lift. The lift stops at 2,369 meters, you have to do the rest yourself.

The way to the top is apparently very pleasant and that is mainly due to the places where you can buy a refreshment. The last part of the route is the hardest and that is the case with more walks. The hike to the highest point takes about three hours. Knowing more? Click here.

Phan-xi-păng / Fansipan – Vietnam (3,143 meters)

Image by athree23 from Pixabay

This mountain, with many different ways of writing, is the highest mountain in Indochina. It used to be difficult to conquer him in a day, but now it is easier thanks to a controversial cable lift. The hike to the top takes about six to nine hours, luckily you can go back down with the elevator.

There are some drawbacks to the lift. For example, the price is not so tender and costs almost 27 euros. Because of the elevator, there are also a lot more people who visit “the roof of Indochina” and because of that there is a lot more tourism. Certainly also look at the weather in advance, because the fog can ensure that you have walked upwards for nothing. Knowing more? Click here.

Lassen Peak – United States (3,189 meters)


This dormant volcano also offers a nice hike at a fairly high altitude. You can drive to Lassen Peak parking by car and from there start with your way to the top. The tour takes about three to five hours and apparently provides very nice views.

After four kilometers of hiking, you are already at the top. The car park is at 2,590 meters and the top is 3,189 meters high. So it is only a short walk, but with a steep slope. Knowing more? Click here.

Hintere Schöntaufspitze – Italy (3,325 meters)

FB: Doris Mussner

Lifts are also required at this mountain in the Italian Alps. They take you to an altitude of 2,581 meters, the rest you have to walk. For the untrained, the top is fairly easy to reach and yet it is no easy task. The walk takes about six hours and has a lot of altimeters in store.

During the walk you have a view of three other mastodons, the Königspitze, Zebrú and Ortler. These are the three highest peaks of the Ortler region in South Tyrol and are sometimes referred to as “Drei Stirne”. Knowing more? Click here.

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Mount Temple – Canada (3,544 meters)

Twitter: @DailyNatureShot

This mountain is less easy to reach than the rest of the list. Walking experience is recommended, especially because of the loose stones. The danger of avalanches is real and it is recommended to wear a helmet. There is a good chance that you will have to use your hands during the route.

The round trip is 16 kilometers long and lasts between seven and twelve hours. Quite a few accidents have already happened on this route, which is why the government has provided some kind of guide. Knowing more? Click here.

Fuji – Japan (3,776 meters)

Image by kimura2 from Pixabay

Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan, but it is not actually a mountain. It is a dormant volcano that was last active in 1707. You can climb the volcano in a day or two days. Most people recommend two days, so you have less chance of altitude sickness and you can admire the view at sunrise.

You can climb the mountain between July and September. The most popular route to the top takes about five to seven hours and the descent takes three to five hours. As mentioned earlier, it is recommended to stay in a mountain hut during the hike. The route starts at 2,300 meters. Knowing more? Click here.

Cerro Chirripó – Costa Rica (3,819 meters)

By Axxis10 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The Cerro Chirripó is the highest mountain in Costa Rica and here it is recommended to hike for two days. The altimeters will otherwise play tricks on you. It is a difficult walk and this is mainly because your starting point is at 1,350 meters, unfortunately there are no lifts.

Big disadvantage: only 60 people per day are allowed to climb the mountain and you have to apply for a permit in advance. For the rest, we think it is definitely worth it! Apparently you can see both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific on a beautiful day. It’s 15-20 kilometers to the top, you say tickle but already in. Knowing more? Click here.

Klein Matterhorn – Switzerland (3,883 meters)

Twitter: @KentonCool

Actually, this mountain should not be on our list either, since you should make almost no effort to reach it. Much is referred to the Klein Matterhorn as “Matterhorn Glacier Paradise”. The mountain owes its name to its big brother, the Matterhorn (4,478 meters)

The ride on the different cable cars takes about 45 minutes and is provided with additional information about the area. This is probably the easiest mountain on our list. Knowing more? Click here.

Gunung Kinabalu – Malaysia (4,095 meters)


The first mountain from this list above 4,000 meters! And unfortunately also one of the most expensive. Before, you could walk the mountain in one day and pay a maximum of 50 euros for a permit and the like. That is no longer the case. The tour easily costs 400 euros.

Two days of climbing is not recommended, but mandatory. The almost 18 kilometer long hike is a steep climb. If you still have energy left afterwards, there is also the chance to get the highest via ferrata of the world. Knowing more? Click here.

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Toubkal – Morocco (4,167 meters)

Twitter: @BobathWales

Mount Toubkal is the highest mountain in North Africa and is located in the Atlas Mountains. The hike to the top takes three days or more and here too it has to do with the difference in height. You start at 1,850 meters, so you have to climb 2,317 meters.

Again a tough route, but certainly feasible for anyone with a solid condition. Along the way you have the chance to stop in villages of Berbers. The price for a guide, sleeping place, food and transport is approximately 300 euros per person. That is for 3-5 days and with a group of 5 or more people. Knowing more? Click here.

Mount Whitney – United States (4,421 meters)


This mountain is the largest in the United States, without counting Alaska. You can only brave the peak, but that requires a lot of preparation. Quite a few people have to be rescued with a helicopter, because they underestimate the walk.

There are many different routes and the duration depends on your own condition. There are many people who have the mountain on their bucket list, which is why the park operates a kind of lottery. So you have to be lucky to get a permit. Knowing more? Click here.

Yala Peak – Nepal (5,732 meters)

Instagram: @jibigyan

This mountain is for the slightly sportier among us. The mountain peak is considered a nice introduction to mountain climbing. For this tour you already need some walking experience, because the tour takes almost two weeks. In those two weeks you will also visit some tourist attractions.

During the tour, a base is also taught for the use of crampons, ice axes and rope. When you are on top, you are surrounded by gigantic peaks. For example, there is a mountain close to 8,000 meters. Pay attention, you can easily spend a month’s wages on this trip. Knowing more? Click here.

Kilimanjaro – Tanzania (5,895 meters)


Surely one of the most famous mountains in this list. The Kili is regarded as the easiest mountain to climb Seven Summits, which are the highest mountains per continent. The mountain is also the highest single mountain in the world. The journey to the top takes about five to nine days.

Preparation is also very important with this mountain. Many people do not reach the top and that is mainly due to poor preparation and the speed of ascent. Knowing more? Click here.


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