17 problems that only people with a ‘special’ name understand

For years, you’ve been wondering how your parents could think of saddling you with a seemingly unspeakable name. However, it really isn’t that difficult! Unfortunately, the rest of the world thinks otherwise, so you regularly have to deal with these 17 problems:

1. “Huh, whut, which one ?!” is the default response when you say your name

Just yes… As I said…

2. You have to spell your name letter by letter every time you get to know someone new

And that two or three times in a row, and then you see them frown…

3. People who have met you before have forgotten your name so-who-so

Story of your life.

4. Keychains with your name on are impossible to find

Not to say, they just aren’t made, any more than any other souvenir.

5. Just about everyone says your name incorrectly

“Mira, you say?” – “Gosh, it’s actually Elvira, but … never mind.”

6. After a few times you just don’t dare to improve them

And you learn to respond to whatever they call you this time.

7. In the meantime you have become a champion in “polite smiling – NEGOTIC – and above all keep smiling”

Although deep inside you are about to boil over.

8. You are sometimes ignored in a group because they simply don’t remember your name

Which was not always a disaster during classes at school… ?

9. And so over the years you have come up with a “spare name”, just in case

So much more convenient if you have to book somewhere or if you are going to get a coffee at the Starbucks. ?

10. But your friends have also come up with nicknames for you

As long as they don’t have to pronounce that annoying name of yours… The suckers anyway!

11. A red line is guaranteed to appear on the computer when you type in your name

What do you mean, wrong? YOU ARE ERROR YOURSELF!

12. And emails are lost on the worldwide web because people are constantly spelling your email address wrong

“Why don’t you reply to my mail?” Gosh yes, how could that be… NOT. MY. DEBT!

13. You get asked too often “what your real name actually is”

And yes, they really mean that. #AWKWARD

14. Or they assume by default that you have strange roots

Why else would you have such a weird name? Well … Why actually?

15. If you call customer service, you will be happy with the “explaining” your name during the first few minutes of the conversation

“Hmm, no, you are not in our system.” BECAUSE YOU ENTER THE ERROR NAME, TIENS!

16. But worst of all: even on a birthday card, people manage to misspone your name


17. On the other hand, your day cannot go wrong if NO ONE has pronounced or written your name incorrectly for a change

There is hope. Really!

And despite everything, you are just super happy with your name, because it makes you who you are: UNIQUE. ?


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