17 prove that alcohol brings out the worst in you

When you are tired, you sometimes dare to take strange punches. Punches that keep your friends laughing at you for a long time, or even get you into trouble. And of course regret follows… a lot of regret. These are 17 proofs that your drunk I is your greatest enemy. Oops!

1. You drunk I let you order even more drinks


And so it actually only makes things worse.

2. And let you waste all your hard-earned money

Alcohol. For everyone.

3. You drunk. I do let you call or text your ex

Something your sober me always manages to avoid in time. These are the 21 reasons why you are sending that text message anyway.

4. And flirts way too pushy with strange people

And chances are more will happen… Much more.

5. You drunk me can also become rude and aggressive

And start fighting for no reason.

6. And besides being overly happy, it’s also overly sad

With an abundance of tears.

7. You drunk I let you make the most insane statements

With which everyone laughs at you. And laughs long after that. These are 22 things girls say anyway when they are drunk.

8. Or let your friends make the most crazy promises

It wouldn’t be the first time you’ve signed a contract promising never to smoke, drink or …

9. You drunk I make you feel ashamed with your bizarre dance moves

Which are of course captured in a movie … UGH.

10. Or with the emotional outbursts of your innermost secrets

What you regret anyway. Much regret.

11. You drunk I make you lose everything: from your keys to even your clothes

You wouldn’t be the first to end up naked on the street …

12. And makes you fall, crawl, collide, …

With all its consequences, of course. You always do or think these 28 things when you walk home drunk.

13. You got drunk. I do let you eat that pita, fries or ribbekes

Although your stomach can’t really take it.

14. Or take the most dirty things out of the fridge at home

Or even more alcohol. With the known consequences….

15. And yes: he or she makes a mess of it

Which gives your sober me a lot to clean up the next day…

16. You drunk I often suffer from amnesia

You can be happy when you find your way home. And the next day you don’t even remember how bad it was. And maybe that’s a good thing too :-).

17. And get your sober self in trouble

With a hangover, with your parents, and so on. Well!


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