17 Reasons Labradors Are Blessed Dogs

A dog that is cheerful, playful and adventurous? That MUST be a Labrador! And anyone who owns one is sure: they wouldn’t be able to live without their favorite pet. Are you one of the lucky ones with a labrador at home? Then you agree with these 17 reasons!

1. First and foremost: Labradors are very enthusiastic …

And even that is an understatement ;-).

2.… and are anything but shy when you are around

Their cute face immediately lights up when you are around!

3. Moreover, they prefer NIKS rather than hugging you

And that is naturally mutual.

4. Plus: Labradors are incredibly beautiful, graceful dogs…

They are simply the most beautiful dogs in the world!

5.… and the puppies are really irresistibly cute

Why can’t they stay so small forever ???

6. Labradors are also the bravest among dogs…

They are not afraid of anything or anyone.

7.… and are ALWAYS ready to protect their owner

Yep, a labrador always takes care of his owner. They are such darlings!

8. And don’t forget: labradors are also extremely intelligent …

Even one of the most intelligent dog species out there. But you had already noticed that for a long time ;-).

9.… so you can easily teach them all kinds of tricks

Fetch, roll or lie dead. No problem for your favorite pet!

10. But now and then they are also purebred idiots who play dumb punches 😉

Sometimes they can just be SO clumsy.

11. Another plus: Labradors are real pets…

Nope, they really don’t like being home alone.

12.… who can perfectly deal with other pets and children

And it’s soooo cute to see your labrador playing with other dogs!

13. Labradors are also very large playing birds

With a labrador at home you just NEVER have rest!

14. And do EVERYTHING to get your attention

And you can’t resist that anyway ;-).

15. Another advantage: Labradors are very sporty dogs…

Which also obliges you to exercise. A win-win situation!

16.… and they are always ready for a new adventure

Because they love to discover new things.

17. Best of all, Labradors remain forever loyal to their owner and give you lots of love back <3

And that’s why we love our labrador <3 sooooo much.

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