17 year old BMW M3 almost as expensive as a brand new BMW M3 G80

Hardly driven and therefore extra expensive: This is how the auction this original BMW M3 E46 in the eye-catching color “Imolarot II” in a nutshell. But there is more behind it, because many BMW M models last have one decent price increase Experienced!

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The times when BMW M3 E30 were available for little money are long gone. The first M3 generation has been a sought-after collector’s item for many years. Special models like the legendary Sport Evo can cost over 200,000 euros! But even the successor generations E36 and E46 have long since ceased to be available at a reasonable price as the M3 in reasonable condition. Many specimens were simply burned, crashed or converted to track tools when they were still comparatively cheap. Conversely, are neat and untinkered M3 so today no longer easy to find – which drives prices up. While special models such as the M3 GT (E36), which was only built 356 times, or the M3 CSL (E46) have always been very stable in price, the prices for original E36 and E46 M3 have risen sharply in recent years. Especially manual M3 Coupé of the E46 generation in original condition are with enthusiasts extremely desirable! (Ever heard of the BMW M3-R?)
BMW M3 E46

Timeless silhouette: For many fans, the E46 is the most beautiful M3 generation.

A brand new one costs 83,500 euros BMW M3 G80 with 510 hp six-cylinder and manual transmission currently in the basis. Almost as much money now has a 17 year old BMW M3 E46 brought in with less than 20,000 kilometers on the clock. The M model was offered on the auction platform and ultimately sold for the equivalent of 74,159 euros (85,000 US dollars). Now it is nothing new that the used car market is currently very hot and the prices are sometimes beyond good and evil; but for a similar price there is almost an M3 CSL in Germany, the special model that many fans regard as the best M3 of all time.

Annual mileage only 1166 kilometers

To be fair, it must be made clear that the M3 E46 sold is from the Year of construction 2004 for a copy first hand with just 19,814 kilometers (12,312 miles) acts, which is probably very difficult to find in this form nowadays. Less than 20,000 kilometers in 17 years, which corresponds to an annual mileage of just 1166 kilometers – the M3 has stood more than it has been driven. In addition, with the exception of the black kidneys, the E46 is in the untouched original condition located and the one you are looking for Six-speed manual transmission instead of the often criticized SMG II transmission. The special equipment including Premium Package (sunroof, leather interior and electrically adjustable front seats), xenon, radio business CD, Harman Kardon sound system and 19-inch M double-spoke rims (BMW Styling 67) leave nothing to be desired.

BMW M3 E46

Heart: The 3.2-liter in-line six-cylinder (S54) is a high-revving engine with 343 hp.

The E36 made its debut in 2000 third generation of the BMW M3, which were offered as a coupe and convertible. The heart is a high-revving in-line six-cylinder (S54) with 343 hp and 365 Nm maximum torque. The power was delivered to the rear wheels either via a six-speed manual transmission or the SMG-II automated manual transmission. Both versions complete the sprint to 100 km/h in 5.2 seconds. Externally, the M3 can be recognized by the flared wheel arches, the characteristic ventilation gills (which were often retrofitted to the 320i or 330i), as well as the power dome on the hood and the four tailpipes. From 2007, the E46 M3 was replaced by the E90 (E92/E93), the only M3 with a V8.
BMW M3 E46

Despite its age, the interior of the M3 can hardly be distinguished from a year-old car. Nothing is worn here.

Back to the special specimen from the USA. the Exterior color “Imo Red II” is rather rare in the M3 E46, but suits the coupe very well. On the detailed pictures it can be seen that the M3 is in a exceptionally well-kept condition located. The only recognizable blemish are minor scratches from putting it on on the underside of the apron. The black leather interior in particular is in mint condition – further proof that the M3, which was delivered by BMW San Francisco in 2004, was apparently always treated with care. So shortly after buying one protective film applied, which has protected the paint from stone chips or minor scratches, but could certainly be renewed after almost 17 years. Also, the first and only owner doesn’t just have everyone original documents kept, but also the M3 a service every year donated.

The M3 is not accident free

However, he is BMW not accident-free, because according to the seller, the left fender was repaired after an accident with a motorcycle. So there is a small flaw in the otherwise flawless history. However, the repair does not seem to have broken the interest in the M3, because after just a few days the Former original price of $55,220 cracked. In the end, the hammer fell at $85,000 (€74,159).
BMW M3 E46

Except for the black kidneys, the M3 is in its original condition.

Even a BMW M3 E46 that has been rocked down already costs 20,000 euros

Finally, a quick price comparison. In Germany it costs itself imported M3 E46 with well over 200,000 kilometers on the clock and the less coveted SMG II gearbox did around 20,000 euros. Manual coupés are rare and can hardly be found for less than 35,000 euros. Top maintained German cars with verifiable history can sometimes 50,000 euros and more cost. But that’s nothing compared to the USA, where legendary M models recently experienced a real hype.

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