1700 drone owners registered with the government for new law

This is evident from figures shared by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management on Facebook.

From 1 January 2021, new legislation on drone use will apply in the Netherlands. Anyone flying a drone heavier than 250 grams is required to register with the RDW.

With this category of drones it is also required to obtain a flight license before they are used. According to the ministry, this applies to everyone, including people who only fly recreationally.

Stricter rules

With the new rules, drone use in the Netherlands is more strictly regulated. Manufacturers such as DJI have released drones in the past year that are just below the weight limit. The Mavic Mini, for example, weighs 249 grams.

It is unclear how many percent of the drone owners have already registered. Exact sales figures in the Netherlands are not known, but a tour of Dronewatch in 2019 showed that more than 2000 drones were used for business purposes.


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