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# 173 ‘You’re in love with that Joris, aren’t you ?!’

Maud is taken on a surprise weekend by Tommy. Very sweet of course, but she slept with Joris during their break and is actually always with him in her head. During the weekend she does not know how to behave and to make matters worse, Tommy just picks up her phone when she has an Instagram message from Kai and two missed calls from Joris. “Wtf, Maud ?! What are you doing?!”

I look startled at Tommy and can only say “Uh …”. That was not in the answers Tommy gives in the slightest sufficient answer to his question, I realized that myself, but I just don’t know what else to say. Meanwhile, Tommy has turned his interrogative “wtf look” into an angry face. “I asked you something ?!” he suddenly shouts loudly. His gaze is now menacing.

All stuff together

“Tommy… Um. I’ve actually been trying to tell you something for a while ”, I stammer. Before I can continue Tommy gets up and starts collecting all his things like crazy. “You are in love with that Joris, aren’t you. And Kai? What is that?! Have you just been fucking around like a slut in the past few weeks, or what have you done ?! ” Furious, he throws his clothes into his overnight bag and also begins to gather food from room service and the empty glasses and bottles.

“No, it’s not that simple. I don’t know what Kai wants from me. Nothing happened to him in the meantime, I swear! But with Joris… ”

I keep quiet. Tommy stops and looks at me. I don’t know if I dare to say it, because I can see in his eyes that as soon as I mention the word sex, he would go nuts. “I kissed Joris”, I say, afraid of the reaction when I say that it is actually much worse than that. I see Tommy’s eyes fill with tears. No please, don’t cry now … It’s bad enough this anyway. I see Tommy change from an angry man into a boy who is broken in one fell swoop. “Are you in love with him?” he stammers.

“Pff, I don’t know. I just know that you just really didn’t like me recently and… there is something between us. We kissed at a party. But now that I’m here with you like this… I don’t know Tommy. I feel something for both of you. I can not choose!”

Time to think

It doesn’t really seem to make him feel better. Logical too; but yeah. It is the closest to the truth and now that I have seen what this does to him, I am absolutely sure that he must never know that I have done much more with Joris. Tommy stiffly continues to collect his things. When he has everything, he puts on his shoes and jacket and walks over to me. He gently kisses my forehead. “Maybe I should really give you time to think about it Maudje…”, he mumbles and while I see a tear running down his cheek, he turns and walks out of the hotel room, while I stay behind in a bathrobe. bed. Dumbfounded and no idea what to do.

When I have recovered from the intense conversation, I decide to call Joris back. “Hey dear Maud, what are you doing ?! I was thinking about you and I have nothing to do today. ” I look around. Now that I’m alone here in that hotel room… Shall I…?

“No, Maud, you really can’t do that!” The angel whines in my head, while the devil keeps pricking my stomach with huge butterflies as soon as I hear Joris’s voice. Then I make the decision. “Well, very funny: I took a weekend for myself in a hotel. Do you, by chance, feel like coming by as well? ”

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# 173 “You’re in love with that Joris, aren’t you ?!”


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