18 reasons why the Nokia 3310 was the best mobile phone EVER

Oh, how blissfully carefree life was when the Nokia 3310 was our most loyal companion… And yes, smartphones are super cool and all, but honest? Sometimes (very sometimes) we miss our 3310 terribly hard, and this is why:

1. You could drop it to the ground without breaking the screen into a thousand pieces

Two, three or even four times a day: nothing happened. Really NOTHING. *Hallelujah*

2. A screen protector, what is it?

Unnecessary. Totally unnecessary.

3. Did the plastic cover crack? Then you could easily replace that

And you didn’t even pay for it in blue. Zálig, right!

4. The battery lasted one time

“Huh, what, bring a charger ?! Why would I do that?”

5. When your mobile vibrated, it really vibrated

Noiseless is another matter… But it was shaking. Point.

6. Your device fits perfectly in your pocket

Even in those one exciting jeans … Delicious!

7. You had a Masters in Abbreviation Theory because you wanted to have everything said in 160 characters

Bje? Resume? Gmj? Hjb. LOL. CJEU. BRB. Sry. Zjg.

8. There was no autocorrect that you constantly had to snatch

Oh yes, once there was a time when embarrassing words didn’t pop up in a random conversation. Once, a long time ago…

9. Your mobile phone looked phenomenally hip thanks to the cool covers

“Yow, yow, yoooow, me so cooool!

10. The real daredevils even had 2 different (!) Covers at the front and back

Nokia 3310


11. Mobile phone pendants with bling bling diamonds were a must-have

Nokia 3310

You didn’t care that they fell off more than adhered, because you and your mobile phone were a top team! Whatever happened.

12. Continuous scrolling was completely unnecessary due to the lack of endless memory

Nokia 3310

Five messages, maximum. And then the removal could begin, olé!

13. You could easily find your images because you could only store 3 on your device

Nokia 3310

Without color of course. And by images we do mean the dashed, computer-made, crazy pictures that were often standard on the device. But you thought they were cool. Rightly so!

14. Need a well-deserved break? There was Snake!

Nokia 3310

The best game ever made. EVER!

15. You could play it with a single thumb

Nokia 3310


16. And do you know what was even cooler? You could play – hold on – in the sun without your screen becoming completely invisible

Nokia 3310

How awesome was that?!

Most importantly, you found your friends before the battery broke down

Nokia 3310

Where is the time …

18. And you could type blindly

Nokia 3310

Long live the 3310!

See you in heaven, Nokia 3310! We <3 you 4-evaaah!

Nokia 3310

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