180 km / h: Why the speed limit makes sense

Excuse my expression, but: I think fast drive hot. When the speedometer needle is over Shoots at 200 km / h and the Endorphin release strengthens in the brain, a grin spreads on my face. Speed ​​rush! This feeling can only be described emotionally. But. Rational it looks very different in me. Increased Accident risk for me and others. Needlessly higher Fuel consumption. More wear. A significantly increased and at some point decreasing concentration. I am clearly aware of this!

If you are allowed to drive faster, you will not reach your destination faster

But above all: I will Not essential more quickly to be at the destination just because I really accelerate and fight vehemently against the predicted arrival time of the navigation system. Nobody will give me a trophy because I overtake everyone on the autobahn. In short: I can do it no sensible argument find on public Streets to drive with over 200 things. It has nothing to do with freedom either. Does a Bugatti driver with a top speed of over 300 km / h enjoy more freedom than someone with a Ford Fiesta ST? No!

All new cars should be limited to 180 km / h

It is a pure one strength measurement. Who can go faster? An archaic fight that only finds space on our motorways and there meanwhile only on a few sections of the route. The more I think about it, the more Less Arguments can be found for high speed. in the opposite, there are not even one rational reason. I think it’s simply awesome. That is exactly why a built-in Speed ​​limit at 180 km / h, as Volvo has and Renault is now planning, the right thing for me. But then please consequent. Regulates all new cars at 180 km / h. A uniform speed limit. My ego would cope better with that. Put an electronic chain on my emotions. Redefines top speed. Do not tempt me. But one request: leave a loophole. At least give me the Racetrack the opportunity to break the electronic barrier and let your emotions run free.

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