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# 180 ‘What a bizarre situation have I ended up in again …’

Maud celebrated Christmas for the first time this year with divorced parents. Miraculously, the Christmas days were quite pleasant. But her own love life is still a mess. Joris has asked her to come to a secret New Year’s Eve party and she can take Rochella with her. Maud can use a party and leans towards Joris’s suggestion. Until one of the last days of a year she receives a ten-page love letter from Tommy… Who is she going into the new year with?

Phew, what an evening that was! I am probably not the only one who had hoped that everything would be back to normal on January 1. Unfortunately my love life is still a mess and also corona still exists!

Where shall I begin? A few days after Christmas, I got a booklet sent home from Tommy. Ten letters with declarations of love. I knew Tommy was a sensitive type, but I didn’t know he was that sensitive. Only now do I realize that I really broke his heart. Although he already has a child, he knew he wanted more children with me, he even wanted to marry me. “I have never dared to tell you this before because I was afraid I would scare you, but I would love to propose to you one day.” The letter was full of profound declarations of love and I don’t know what to do with it. It hurts me that Tommy is so sad and somehow I really like that Tommy is so crazy about me. Do I really want to get rid of him?

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