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# 188 “Apparently I’m not the only one living together!”

Despite the fact that Maud’s wrist is still in a cast, she has been very happy lately. And that has everything to do with Tommy! They are in a ‘lockdown love bubble’ together and Maud does not understand that she has ever questioned their relationship again. Joris is very quiet. Although Maud does have the idea that he secretly sent her lingerie and flowers for Valentine. She quickly thrown away the flowers and she decides that she does not want anything more to do with Joris. When Tommy and Maud walk through the Amsterdamse Bos, Tommy comes up with a special question .. „I was wondering… Maud. Won’t you come to me? Shall we live together ?! ”

“Live together?! With me?! We together?”

“No, with your little brother !!” Tommy shouts with a laugh. I can see it turning red… “Yeah, maybe it’s a stupid idea too. Never mind dude. I think I have spring fever. Let’s go!”

“Honey, I want nothing more! I would love to live with you… But, but, well, I just didn’t expect this. Not so fast! But it seems fantastic! ” The rest of the afternoon we fantasize about how much fun living together is going to be. We get food from our favorite pizzeria and in the evening I showed Tommy all kinds of inspiration boards on Pinterest. His house is already nicely decorated, but it could be a lot nicer! It is that all shops are closed, but otherwise I would have driven straight to the furniture boulevard.

The next day I met with Jessie for a walk. I enthusiastically tell her that Tommy has asked me to live together. Jessie has been TeamTommy all the time for the past few months, so I expected her to be happy for us. Her response is the opposite. According to Jessie, it is incredibly irresponsible to live together so quickly. “Normally people first have a stable relationship for one or two years, Maud!” The words ‘normally’ alone give me the jitters. Who decides what is normal? I try to explain to Jessie that I’ve been in a bad situation long enough and that this feels good now. “Suppose it goes out, then we have at least tried it.” Jessie doesn’t seem to be in her mood, because she has criticism or a rebuttal to all my stories.


Someone who is a lot more enthusiastic is my mother. And apparently I am not the only one who is going to live together. “Oh dear Maud! What a coincidence! Willem has also asked if I come and live with him! ”She chants through the telephone. I have to say that I have come to appreciate Willem more and more in recent months, but I still think it’s a bit of a whack! Anyway, he makes my mom happy. Only Willem lives completely in Breda! I know they have yummy sausage rolls there, but it’s a small pox journey. I will certainly see my mother once every two weeks and I am afraid that this will diminish later. According to my mother, everything will be fine and she can’t wait to start odd jobs together.

While my mother is still chatting about how great Willem is not and enthusiastically shares all her plans for their new home, my doorbell rings. I’m actually expecting a package, so I walk downstairs in my clothes to open the door, while my mother keeps chatting.

“Mom, can I call you back later? I have to go really fast .. ”, I shout quickly when I see who is in the doorway.

“What are you doing here?”

# 187 ‘How could I ever have a doubt between Tommy and Joris ?!’

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# 188 “Apparently I’m not the only one living together!”


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