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# 189 ‘You look like Maarten van Rossem with your grumpy bullshit’

Maud is all in her love bubble with Tommy. The two are even moving in together! Her friend Jessie is less happy with the news: after the break between the two, she thinks it is unwise that they are now, so quickly, going in a completely different direction by living together. Maud’s mother is a lot more enthusiastic, but that may also have to do with the fact that she is also going to live together. What Maud is less happy about is that it will probably be in Breda. While she is on the phone, the doorbell rings: “What are you doing here ?!”

Jessie is in front of me. Where I just hope she will apologize for her negative nancy behavior from before, that hope immediately evaporates when I see her serious face. “Maud, can I talk to you a little longer?” she asks, already putting one foot inside. I gesture to my phone and open the door. Jessie is already walking in and I gesture that I will be right there. “Mom, I have to hang up. Jessie is here, I’ll call you later! ” I shout and push her away.


“Wazzup?” I ask Jessie, who has sat down on the couch with her serious look. “I have thought about it for a while and I think it is really very unwise if you already start living with Tommy”, begins Jessie. “You split up, it just went well and …” Before she can continue her nagging speech, I interrupt her.

“Jemig Jes, what’s wrong with you lately? You look like Maarten van Rossem with your grumpy bullshit. I am just happy yes! ” I snarl at her. “I am a grown woman and I can decide for myself whether I am going to live together, yes or no!”

I see that Jes is startled. Then she frowns. “I’m only saying it out of concern!” she grumbles. “I know, but I didn’t ask for your opinion,” I bitch. “I just wanted to tell you something from girlfriend to girlfriend. And I want friends to be happy for me and not to decide what to do and what not to do. ”

I see my bitchy reaction hit Jessie like a cannonball. Tears fill her eyes, she gets up and strides to the door. “That’s fine, but don’t come to me crying when things go wrong again and make your relationship a mess for the umpteenth time in your life, Maud!” she yells. She slams the door with a bang. I stand in the middle of my room with a crimson head. I’m in shock. Am I seriously arguing with my best friend because I am going to live together ?!

A bit right?

When I get my mom back on the phone to tell me what just happened, she sounds dubious. “She means well, Maud,” she mumbles, while I rant to her about friendship and giving each other things and the pointing finger that has been bothering Jessie more and more recently. “But Maud, isn’t she a little right somewhere?” my mother interrupts me.

“What do you mean right ?!” I breeze in the horn. “Well…”, my mother says hesitantly. I can feel my heart beat faster. “Well, you’ve also had a messy time when it comes to relationships. Isn’t it smart to wait a while before moving until you are together again for a few months? ”

JEMIG. Apparently my mother is camp Whisper-Jessie too. “You must say that!” I shout through the receiver. “You got stuck with the first best Brabander who presented himself and are now also moving! You know what?

Terminate rent

I push my mother away, grab my laptop and surf straight to the site of the landlord of my room. ‘Cancel rent’, I type in the search bar and within a few minutes my cancellation is arranged. No one is going to tell me that this is not good or that it is too soon. I’m going to live with Tommy, period.

A moment later I call Tommy to say that I have canceled my rent and that we can now really work on our plans. “Gosh, so you’re sure ?!” Tommy shouts a little startled, but clearly also enthusiastic through the receiver. I feel my heart leap. “Yes, I am sure,” I say. “And um… it has to be. I can’t go back now… ”

# 188 “Apparently I’m not the only one living together!”

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# 189 ‘You look like Maarten van Rossem with your grumpy bullshit’


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