19 sentences that people with curls really don’t want to hear anymore

Curls stand out! And that is usually super fun … but it also ensures that you very often get the same things thrown at your head. Do you have anything but straight hair? Then, to your annoyance, you would already have heard one of these 19 sentences:

1. Hey, curly hair

Hey, person with straight hair. Less catchy, but at least as annoying!

2. Have you changed anything in your hair?

No, one day is short, the other longer. It just has its own personality!

3. Amai, you really have a lot of hair

Yes! Or maybe it only seems that way. The world of illusions :-D!

4. How long do you spend doing that in the morning?

5 minutes to actually do something about it and 20 minutes… to realize that I can do very little about it.

5. Can I touch it?

Urgh… I prefer not to.

6. Haha, it moves so funny

Yup, like a feather. Fascinating!

7. Urgh, it tickles like this

Yup! Now just enjoy that hug I give you.

8. How long does it take to straighten your hair?

Long … horribly long!

9. You really look good with straight hair, you need to do more

Thank you I think. Do I look bad with my curls?

10. Wouldn’t you rather have had straight hair?

Sometimes, but most of the time I’m just super proud of my wild hair bush.

11. You don’t need a pillow to sleep?

Not always, no! And it is also nice and warm in winter.

12. Your hair does smell uhm … special huh

Yes, probably the mousse … or the fact that I haven’t washed it in a while :-P!

13. Oh my god! You won’t die from a little rain, right?!?

No, but if my hair is completely frizzy I can sometimes be ashamed of myself :-).

14. Is your hair still not dry?

No, this can take hours.

15. Why don’t you go for a shorter haircut?

Because I don’t want to take the risk of suddenly looking like Fellaini!

16. I really like her EVERYWHERE

Your hair also falls out! Mine just stands out much more :-D!

17. Why do you need so much conditioner?

Otherwise I never get those knots out of my hair!

18. Can you please get your hair out of the way?

Woepsie… Yes, sorry! I didn’t mean to push my hair in your face: -s!

19. Phew … I wish I had curls too

I know! I am a lucky bastard!

But luckily we also REALLY hear how great we look with our wild hair, because curls are the max!

Sources: Buzzfeed, She Budgets


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