19 things you should never say to your work colleagues

There are things among colleagues that you’d rather not say.

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Maintaining a good relationship with colleagues can make work much more pleasant. A good atmosphere in the office can even help concentration and productivity.

However, it is not necessarily easy to make friends with colleagues. A popular icebreaker is complaining about work. By doing so, you convey to the other person that you trust that they will not immediately reveal your secrets. Such a first step can become a real friendship at a later point in time, says the website “The Cut”.

In the article, a researcher describes productive work gossip as “pro-social”. By this he means gossip, which warns your colleagues about unpleasant bosses or gives them other information that can result in a more productive working atmosphere.

Too close contact with team members can lead to problems

However, some experts warn against establishing too close contacts with team members. While some gossip stories can have a positive effect, there are certain phrases and topics that make you look unprofessional or even overwhelming.

“In conversations, you should use common sense and exercise discretion, especially when others are present,” says Rosalinda Oropeza Randall, an expert in etiquette and courtesy and author of “Don’t Burp in the Boardroom”. “The general guideline is: If you wouldn’t say it in front of your boss, you’d better keep it to yourself.”

Aside from obvious no-gos – like obscene behavior and insults – here are some things that you should never say in front of other employees.

19 things you should never say to your work colleagues


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