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19 things you still remember from ‘Beestenbos is Angry’

To say that Beestenbos is Angry was an atypical children’s program is a serious understatement. More characters died in each episode than in the average episode Game of Thrones and we were not spared the horrifying details. But it was also just a great series about friendship and love. You haven’t forgotten these 19 things anyway:

1. You remember the beautiful opening song anyway …

So nostalgic!

2.… and how beautifully the series was drawn


When cartoons were still really drawn.

3. You thought it was super bad that the animals from the Beestenbos were chased away by the people…


People are terrible!

4.… and hoped that they would all get to the White Deer Park alive and well


Unfortunately that was not the case.

5. Of course you still remember the animals from the Beestenbos: like the leader of the group, Fox…


A born leader.

6.… the old and wise father figure Das…


Who was inseparable from his best friend, Mol.

7.… the super sarcastic Adder with her lispel…


Who eventually saved the entire Beestenbos by killing Eenoog.

8.… and Weasel, who had the most annoying laugh ever


The Alain Vandam from the Beestenbos.

9. The animals taught us the importance of working together …


Together you are so much stronger than alone!

10.… and how to deal peacefully with your enemies


Because the animals had all taken the “Oath of Mutual Protection”. In which they promised to protect each other and therefore NOT to eat.

11. But actually it was in Beestenbos is angry anything but rose scent and moonshine …


They were driven from their own forests and encountered so many other tragedies along the way.

12.… because in almost every episode one of your favorite animals died


Game of Thrones there is nothing against it.

13. Some deaths were so horrible you will never forget them: like the little field mice that were pierced with thorns…



14.… or when Mol died and his son had to take over his identity to spare old Das the pain of losing his best friend…


Das and Mol, they were real friendship goals.

15.… and when that same Das died of old age afterwards

Because how could you not love Badger?

16. Guts who returned home on his last powers to say goodbye to his parents just before his death broke your heart …


Lef was the most stubborn son of the foxes, but he had to say goodbye to his parents at all costs.

17.… but the most heartbreaking scene was without doubt the death of Mr. and Mrs. Hedgehog


Mrs. Hedgehog who gave her life not to let her love die alone. SO MOVING!

18. You were also super afraid of the scary blue foxes…


Especially those creep van een Eenoog played the leading role in your first nightmares.

19.… but you were especially happy when the red foxes made peace with the blue foxes


Because of the love between two young foxes. The Romeo and Juliet of the animal kingdom!

Psssst, all episodes are on YouTube. Time for a marathon? Or do you prefer to read the books? But don’t forget your handkerchiefs!


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