19-year-old Anna had to say goodbye to mother on the IC

“She is completely paralyzed from head to toe and really can’t do anything anymore,” says Anna at the table of Beau van Erven Dorens. Things went wrong at the beginning of the lockdown period. The family worked hard to keep their Italian restaurant running on takeaway food. Coughing soon started. “She couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t go upstairs anymore, she had an extremely high fever. At a certain point you dry out.”

The ambulance finally arrived just in time: Hanneke had only 62% oxygen and that is the edge. The family not only had to send Hanneke to the hospital, but also to say goodbye. And later even for the second time when she was brought into a coma. The family is now seven weeks later, while someone spends ‘only’ two and a half weeks on IC.

Anna says that despite paralysis, Hanneke is doing a little better. “We have the feeling that she is awake, but because of the respiration she cannot speak. By opening and closing her eyes or sticking out her tongue, she can respond to an assignment and we have the feeling that she is awake.” That is also the way in which Hanneke gave her daughter permission to go to Beau and generate attention: a vital woman can also get corona.

Whether permanent injury has been caused by the paralysis and the oxygen deficiency only becomes apparent when Hanneke wakes up again. Watch the clip below.


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