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# 196 ‘I feel like the greatest klutz on earth’

Maud has been living with Tommy for a few weeks now. Living together is going well, but she still has to get used to Noa, Tommy’s daughter. Just one day before her first working day at a magazine, Noa comes to stay for the first time. Maud starts her first working day full of nerves and is much too early for the office. She is the first on the editorial board and can’t help but poke around. Her eye falls on a piece of paper with notes from colleagues, which will soon be redundant. Just as Maud is about to pick up the piece of paper, someone enters. “Maud?”

My heart is pounding in my throat and my heartbeat soars. It won’t! On my very first day at work, I get caught rummaging through the editor-in-chief’s notes. Who does something stupid like that ?!

With shame on my cheeks, I turn around and happily look straight into the receptionist’s face.

“Um, I don’t know what you’re looking for, but can I help you with anything?” It is clear that the receptionist knows very well what I am doing and just wants to put me in my place. I also know it was really stupid to sniff, but I couldn’t contain my curiosity.

“Yes! I’m looking for the WiFi password! I can’t find it anywhere. ” The receptionist starts to laugh. “It’s also exciting, a first day like that. But I just gave you another card with all the info and the wifi password. Have you already lost it? ” I don’t like her tone at all, but I realize very well that I have to keep her friend. In the meantime I pull the card out of the pocket of my new jacket.

“Well, I just came to report that the editor-in-chief is half an hour later. The rest of your colleagues will drop by in no time. So I would just keep you calm a little. ”

An hour later I have finished my first meeting. All weekend I searched for topics for an article and I thought I had put together a really nice list. But for every topic I wanted to pitch I was told it had already been done once or I was asked ‘if I didn’t know a better approach’. Of course I had no answer and in the end it was precisely Dewi, – the clever intern – who managed to provide my article about ‘living together during corona’ with an original approach.

After the meeting, everyone went to work quietly, while Dewi explained the system to me. Never thought it could be so complicated to post an article online. I have to say that I don’t understand anything about it yet.

Somehow I don’t feel quite at home yet. It feels like the first uncomfortable day at school. I propose to get coffee for the editors, but to make matters worse, I let the coffee fall over the desk of my editor-in-chief. Of course, the coffee just fell on the new book by a well-known TV chef. I don’t know where to look. Fortunately, the editor-in-chief understands it well. “It’s okay, I also have two left hands myself. Look there are coffee holders, maybe handy to take them with you next time. ”

I feel like the biggest klutz in the world and run to the bathroom to send a voice memo to Tommy. When I get out of the toilet, my new colleague Kimberley is standing there. I’ve been following her on social media for a long time and have read all of her articles. She has no idea she’s my inspiration and I’m afraid she doesn’t know that I’ve met her at a party before. Her boyfriend is a well-known DJ and he has worked with Tommy once. But I assume that Kimberley has no idea who I am anymore.

“Maud! Now I see it, you see. I was already thinking Maud, Maud, where do I know her from? Timmy, or no Tommy! I saw you at the party in Amsterdam North. When partying was still possible. How nice! Now we are just colleagues. ”

As if Kimberley could read my mind. Or will she have heard that I sent a hopeless voice memo to Tommy? I expected Kimberley to be a bit arrogant, but she’s anything but arrogant. She suggests taking a walk together during lunch so she can catch up with me.

# 195 ‘Besides this appearance, I feel a bit of a clumsy mouse’

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# 196 ‘I feel like the greatest klutz on earth’


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