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# 197 ‘What I find there, I just don’t get a heart attack from’

Maud’s first day of work almost seems to have a disastrous start when she is caught rummaging through the boss’s belongings. She is not quite comfortable in the new company yet. Yet there is one advantage: she ran into Kimberley, whom she still knows from a party a few years ago. And she gets along very well with her!

While the start of my first day of work had been disastrous, the walk with Kimberley had made up for a lot. We click and she tried to explain to me in half an hour how the editorial team works and who is and who is not nice. That is of course completely taste-related, but since I think Kimberley is a nice chick so far, I think I am a bit on the same level in terms of ‘human taste’. She also thought Dewi was quite clever and further warned me about one Cherry, who currently works from home. “It’s spicy. Special case. You shouldn’t argue with it. ”

At the end of the day, I shut down my laptop with a splitting headache. I have to work again in a few days and hope things will go a little smoother then. When I’m on my way to see Tommy, I keep my fingers crossed that he has already prepared food and that afterwards I can relax on the couch with a magazine. But when I come home and open the door, I almost break my neck over a pair of pink wellies that are 100% not mine. Shit, I forgot there was a kid running around our house today!

Tommy happily looks at me when I enter. His daughter is sitting on his neck and screaming. I try to put a smile on my face and mask the headache I have. “Hey honey, how was your first day at work ?!” Tommy shouts enthusiastically and he walks over to me with Noa. She stares at me as I greet her, then turns her head away, safely on Tommy’s neck. “She’s just a little shy, isn’t she, Noa?” Tommy chuckles. I don’t even have the energy to worry about my bond of friendship with Noa, so I shrug and head into the kitchen. “What are we eating today?!” I shout from there.

“Oh uh, I haven’t really thought about food yet dear. Maybe we can order a pizza? ” Tommy apologizes. I think I should have my period because I feel an angry mood bubbling up when I look at him. “Yes of course dude, I have already had my first working day which is very tough. Then I come home, I have to be my ‘nicest self’ while I actually prefer to curl up on the couch in pajamas and then you also want to soothe me by stuffing a pizza! ” I grumble to Tommy. He clearly does not know what is happening to him. “Maud, come on ?! Was it that bad today? ” he asks.

“No, just leave me for a while”, I shout and I storm to the still very bare bedroom, where I throw myself on the bed and cry out for a while.

Half an hour later when I hear the bell ring and walk into the living room, I melt. Tommy has set the table for three with large pizza plates and wine glasses. He just pours the last drops of grape juice into Noa’s glass. “Sit down, sweet. Dinner will arrive in a minute! ”He jokes. With a crooked grin on my face, I drop into my chair and try to connect with Noa. Now it works better. All evening we joke and play around with each other and when I go to bed I even get a hug.

An hour later, when I’m lying on the couch with Tommy, we suddenly hear rumbling from the bathroom. “Shit, Noa’s awake I think!” Tommy calls and he walks to her room. “Oh dear!” I hear from there, followed by a: “Eh, Maud …”

I jump up and run to the bathroom. What I find there, I just don’t get a heart attack. It seems that Noa is already into make-up at this age: the whole floor is littered with my make-up stash. And about half is broken …

# 196 ‘I feel like the greatest klutz on earth’

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# 197 ‘What I find there, I just don’t get a heart attack from’


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