2 top games for free on Steam and the Epic Games Store

There are currently two free top games on Steam and the Epic Games Store. Wolfenstein-The New Order and Tell Me Why.

For the weekend there are two free games on Steam and Epic Games Store. Get it on the Epic Games Store

the action hit “Wolfenstein: The New Order”

. It is much more serious and calmer

at “Tell Me Why” too, which includes all chapters

is available for free on Steam.

Both “Wolfenstein: The New Order” and “Tell Me Why” will end up permanently in your Steam or Epic Games library as part of the promotion. Here are all the details about the two free games:

Free Game 1: Wolfenstein – The New Order on the Epic Games Store

The Wolfenstein game comes from MachineGames (Publisher: Bethesda Softworks) and is rated for ages 18+. This is due to the adult setting in which the first-person shooter is located. As in the other Wolfenstein games, everything revolves around the US soldier BJ Blazkowicz, who wakes up in an alternative version of the 1960s after 14 years in a coma in a world ruled by Nazis (“the regime” in the German version).

From the game description:

Wolfenstein is staged with the id Tech 5 engine from id Software in a gripping, cinematic and amazingly detailed way. Stop the regime’s war machine on a personal mission across Europe. Infiltrate its heavily guarded facilities with the help of a small group of resistance fighters, fight against the regime’s high-tech legions, and seize the superweapons that have conquered Earth—and beyond.

Normally “Wolfenstein: The New Order” is available for 19.99 euros in the Epic Games Store. Until July 9, 2022 the price is reduced to 0 euros…

For free download: Wolfenstein – The New Order

Free Game 2: Tell Me Why (all chapters) on Steam

Tell Me Why comes from the French game studio “Dontnod Entertainment”, which made a name for itself with the “Life is Stranger” series. Players can also expect Tell Me Why, a multi-chapter adventure game about twins who use their supernatural powers to uncover the truth about their troubled childhood.

From the game description:

“DONTNOD Entertainment, the development studio behind the popular Life is Strange games series, presents its latest story-driven adventure: Tell Me Why. In this personal mystery, twins Tyler and Alyson Ronan use their supernatural connection after their reunion to uncover the mysteries their troubled childhood. Set in a seemingly idyllic small town in Alaska, the game is packed with true-to-life characters, mature themes and gripping decisions. Conjure up old memories and make choices that will shape the twins’ relationship and determine the strength of their bond and direct both of their futures.”

Normally, all chapters of “Tell Me Why” are available on Steam for 16.79 euros. Get the 100 percent discount here until July 1st or while stocks last.

Free Download: Tell Me Why

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