2022: That comes with Windows, Android and Linux

New versions of Windows 11 and Windows 10 will come in autumn 2022. An extended version of Android and the LTS version of Ubuntu will be available even beforehand.


Microsoft is adjusting the update rhythm for Windows 11 and Windows 10: So far, the older operating system has received a major update twice a year. From 2022, like Windows 11, it will only be provided with new functions once a year – probably in autumn. But as before, many new features will probably come to the system via individual interim updates before the big annual update. For example, the function announced at the start, but then postponed, of being able to use Android apps from the Amazon App Store under Windows, should be available to German users well in advance.

With the major update 22H2 for Windows 11, which has the internal name “Copper”, Microsoft is said to be primarily concerned with improving the operation of the new operating system. Perhaps the option, sorely missed by many users, of pinning arbitrary programs in the system tray in order to be able to open them or their files more quickly, may return. What is certain is that the settings for installed programs will be expanded: In the future, expanded sorting functions and a tile display instead of the list display will provide a better overview if you have installed many tools.

There will be a mute symbol for teams in the future, which will be displayed in the system tray while a call is in progress. In addition, open program windows can be more easily shown to the other meeting participants via a new menu entry. The operation should also accelerate new menus for faster access to the login options, Bluetooth devices and program windows compiled in different snap groups. There are also changes for the eye: Microsoft is making new emojis available, and the rotating circle with dots, which appears like in Windows 10 when starting or shutting down, for example, will give way to a circle with solid edges.

Windows 11:

All innovations at a glance

Android 12L improves the display of apps on large screens - for example with a two-column layout of quick accesses and notifications.


Android 12L improves the display of apps on large screens – for example with a two-column layout of quick accesses and notifications.


Before Android 13 comes with the code name “Tiramisu” in autumn, Google will complete an additional variant with the addition of 12L in the spring. It should be especially suitable for mobile devices with a larger screen such as tablets, folding smartphones and Chromebooks – Android devices have so far been at a disadvantage compared to iPads. Android 12L offers a new taskbar with gesture support to switch between apps. You can also use it to bring apps into a split-screen mode so that you can place two program windows next to each other. This should apply to all apps – even if the programmer has not intended multi-window operation. A two-column display makes quick accesses and notifications clearer; so far they have been displayed one below the other on smartphones.


Linux also offers numerous innovations with the kernel update 6.0 in the fall: For example, improved drivers for Thunderbolt 4 and USB 4 as well as faster compression are planned. Kernel updates should make a higher game performance possible even earlier, from which, for example, the mobile game console Steam Deck from Valve, whose Steam OS is based on Arch Linux, should benefit.

Before that, Ubuntu 22.04 LTS will be released in April 2022, a new version of the popular distribution with five years of support.

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